NEW 9JA STORY: 45 DAYS [EP 10] ||

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 09 EP 10 He drives her to the Ameyaw-Eden Clinic first and waits whilst the cast is removed from her elbow. Later he takes her to her parents’ house. She hands him a white envelope containing his rental charges, and then she smiles at him. He looks at her for a while, and then he takes a packet of cigarettes from his shirt pocket. The cellophane wrapper is not broken yet, and so she knows it is full and he has not smoked any.

NEW 9JA STORY: 45 DAYS [EP 09] ||

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 08 EP 09 Effe is amazed. The JAMAICA RESORT is bigger than she originally envisaged. There are supermarkets, restaurants, a spa, beautiful gardens, bars, sports complex and recreation spots. There is even a little zoo where she spends some time admiring a dancing flamingo and some proud peacocks.