How to start business with no money in Nigeria

Starting a business with no money might seem like a daunting prospect but, with a little planning, it’s often perfectly feasible. Learning how to start a business with no money is your first step on a journey to being your own boss. With planning and a bit of luck, being short of cash shouldn’t be a barrier to business success. In fact, learning how to start a business with no money can be a positive thing. It means you won’t dig into your savings and will have to be lean,…

Biden’s SEC chair nominee signals more regulation for cryptocurrencies.

KEYPOINTS • Guidelines to be created for crypto currency • Bitcoin might be excepted S.E.C law • Crypto market is worth $1.45 trillion as Tuesday (3rd of March, 2021) • Tesla and MasterCard embraces crypto currency The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission appears likely to work on its first guidelines for cryptocurrencies after President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the agency promised to provide “guidance and clarity” to the rapidly evolving market.