COMPARE: SQUIRTING VS URINE, is there a difference? – @drolufunmilayo educates.

The word “SQUIRTING”, is what has trended for most part on of the day on twitter, currently 1st on the TwitterNg trends.
It all started with a guy who made a blunder on the bird app..

And while everyone are laughing at the young man’s mistake Dr Olufunmilayo took the opportunity to educate us on the difference between SQUIRTING, ORGASM & URINE.

In his exact tweet he said…

Squirting is actually the involuntary release of dilute urine during sexual excitation.

A 2015 Research proved that:
•Squirt fluid is essentially urine.
•Squirt fluid comes from the bladder.

To squirt is to pee.
But not many people know this.

To know more, RT this thread…

I have attached copies of the research. It was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine 2015.
They got women who squirt,
They analyzed the contents of the squirt fluid, they monitored their bladders before sexual excitation and afterwards.
What they found was quite amazing.

So basically they told the women to pee before the experiment. They used an ultrasound to confirm the bladder was empty.

Then the women were sexually aroused,
They used ultrasound to check their bladder and found it was suddenly filled up.

Then after squirting,
They checked….
Then after squirting they checked with ultrasound again and found that the bladder was empty.

They analysed the squirt fluid and found it has the same contents as urine plus female ejaculate fluid.
So the research proves that:
Squirting is urine,
And it comes from the bladder.
But let me explain some things to you to clarify this.
Female orgasm includes but is NOT limited to squirting. Squirting is a proof of female orgasm but it is NOT the only proof of female orgasm.
In other words, a lady can reach orgasm without squirting and that’s very normal.
Female ejaculation and squirting is over-sensationalized and dramatized in porn.
Porn wrongly gives the false impression that squirting is the only proof of female orgasm, which is a very false and untrue assertion.
Very few women will squirt but a lot more women have orgasm.
Female orgasm happens when a thick fluid flows out as secreted by the para urethral glands of a woman. You may not see it. But it is like cum in men.
And let me shock u more, the female cum is very similar to that of men and even contains Prostate Specific Antigen seen in semen.
A simple way to know female cum is the sudden increased lubrication and feeling of orgasm the woman experiences as sex progresses.
Female cum is NOT the same thing as squirting. Female cum is thick and slimy, while squirting is a gush of fluid.
Pls note and don’t confuse it.
But because the female cum gets mixed with vagina lubrication fluids and male semen, so it is quite very difficult to identify in real life.
But every woman knows that orgasmic feeling, and the man feels increased lubrication at this time.
This is what confirms female orgasm.
This is written to dispel the popular myth sold daily by porn that squirting is the only proof of female orgasm. No it is not the true at all.
Many women are sold the lie that squirting is a higher ideal they should seek, and men have been told it is proof of pleasing a woman.
To be honest, while squirting is cool for the women who happen to experience it, it is not an absolute necessity for sexual satisfaction.
In fact, if more people knew urine is what is in the fluid called squirting, few ladies will want it, and fewer men will proudly drink it.
The fluid coming out during squirting and the source has been a debate for centuries. This has now been resolved though.
That study was conducted by French scientists led by Samuel Salama of Hopital Privey de Parly II in France, published in Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2015.
I really hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but working hard to make a girl squirt on you is doing your best to have yourself urinated upon actually.
People have been told that the secret to making a woman squirt is stimulating an area overlying her urethra going through her vagina.
But that your continuous stimulation of that area of the urethra only fills up the bladder and when the bladder gets full up, it makes most women pee, which is what you then call “squirting”.
That’s why some women stand up to quickly pee. If they stay, na your mouth them go pee.
The relevance of this is to let you all know squirting is unduly over-sensationalized and overhyped.
Sexual satisfaction is entirely individual-based and there’s no proof at all that squirting is a necessity for orgasm.
You can enjoy sex- squirt or no squirt.
No kill yourself.
No woman should ever feel sexually deprived/inadequate because she doesn’t squirt. It is not essential at all to satisfaction.

And no man should join his ancestors because he wants to make a woman squirt.

Gbogbo struggle yi o necessary.
Sex should be fun. Not war.

Good night!

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