Fast & Furious 11 is the new ending for the movie franchise.

Originally, it looked like the Fast & Furious series would wrap up with the tenth film, but that is no longer the case. Last month, news broke that Fast & Furious 10 and 11 will serve as a two-part finale to the blockbuster franchise.

Justin Lin will be back to direct both installments. Neither film has a release date, and it isn’t yet clear as to who will return for them. Most likely, that will depend on how F9 shakes out, though it seems likely that Diesel will return as the face of the franchise.

It sounds like Ludacris might also be on board, as he recently discussed Fast & Furious 11 while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ludacris has so far appeared in six Fast & Furious movies (including F9) as Tej Parker, and despite this franchise being a major part of his life, he’s choosing to see its end as a good thing. Why? Because he never expected it to last this long in the first place.

Ludacris said:

Fast & Furious won’t be gone forever. Spin-off series Hobbs & Shaw is prepping a sequel, and an all-female movie is reportedly in the works. Fast & Furious 11 might mean the end of the line for characters like Dom and Tej, but the world they helped create will live on. Besides, who knows what the future holds? There could always be room for appearances from familiar characters further down the line. Ludacris is taking a positive stance on Fast & Furious 11, and fans would be smart to do the same.

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