FG Budgets to spend more on Nigerian-Universities than Ghana

Federal government budgets to spend more on Nigerian universities than Ghana.

As a result of the on-going strike action of the Acadamic staff union of Universities, the chairman of the union was invited on the Arisetv morning programme. During which he mentioned that the Ghana has a bigger budget for education compared to Nigeria. While this is true when you compare the two countries education as a percentage of the total budget but in actual fact Nigeria budgets more in actual amount compared to Ghana.

According to the 2022 budget of the Nigerian government the total sum of N355.47bn was the sum budgeted to be spent on all Nigerian universities only converted this amount to 841,416,773.44 US Dollars or $841.4M for short. The education ministry in Ghana budget for universities in 2022 according to their budget is GH₵3,921,927,338.00 converted to USD 395,270,838.21 or $395.2M.

The union, government and all concerned parties needs to be forthcoming in finding solutions to the lingering strike which may include self-financing through increased fees or other perhaps more structural changes to the ownership structure.

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