How to discover your purpose on earth

Be very much aware that the worst thing that can happen to anybody is the failure to no “who you are”. There are formulas which everything do work with. Self discovery is one of the most important thing that every living soul must work on, it is an act of clearing the road for yourself, its a direction to your destiny, it is something that you must attend to.

Self discovery, is like a road leading one to his or her destination, anybody who do not or rather have not discover or uncover who he is, is like a blind man that have nobody to lead him, you can imagine what will happen to such a person. People who have already known their selves moves more faster because they have already known their vision, they know where they are heading to, they have target in which they wants to meet up with, life will be more easier for them because they have taken their time to discover who they are before channelling their abilities in what they are doing, that’s while, if you see them progressing you might think that they kill before they made their money, but no, they spent quality time to know what they are destined to be.

You may want to ask this question, how will I discover my self?
It is a question that requires a deep thinking, some of us don’t have retentive memory and that’s the reason why you see so many people roaming around the street, because they have lost their childhood memories. If you can easily flashback, have a deep thinking of how your childhood life was, I tell you the truth, you won’t find it difficult discovering your real self. Okay, let me tell you a little story about my life, back then when I was at age 7 to 8 , I was very poor in my academics but that predicament of mine did not stop me from doing one thing, despite the shame and heartbreak. What is that one thing I regularly do?
Writing was one of my greatest joy, I will say that I can’t do anything without writing, even though I don’t know what I was writing, but i feel joy doing it, the love and passion I have for writing back then is what brought me this far.

If you can remember what you usually do back then, that makes you happy ,focus on it and develop it, you don’t need to go far, is in you and is only you who can develop it.

Secondly, find people who inspire you. Look around you, what type of friends are you keeping? are they only coming when you have profitable something to give out? if so, obviously they are not worth to be called your friends, find that person you know that can inspire you at all times, keep him or her by your side, by doing that, you might find what you are looking for, our friends matters in our lives.

Thirdly, Leave your bubble. If you are always in your comfort zone, it will be hard for you to achieve what you want, leave that your awesome place and go into the world, it will help you to see wild, you will be able to know more things about life. It will be very hard but it will pay you in millions if actually you succeed in doing so.

Fourthly: Ask your friends what you are good at. Asking questions will help you in different ways, that is why I pity those that doesn’t ask questions about things they do not know. Asking about yourself will enable you to know more about yourself, they can actually help you to locate your purpose or perhaps, if you are having problem accesing yourself or you are this type of person that like second option, you can ask your close friend what your strength is, by doing that, they might give you another insight that will expand your view.

Do not only discover yourself but also apply what you have found in you, because nobody will celebrate you by what you have acknowledged rather by what you have impacted in their lives, do not forget that your purpose will lead you to your crest.

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