INFORMATIVE: Business to Business Selling Post-Pandemic

its more or less a cliché now to say that covid-19 has changed the landscape of the business and questioned conventional wisdom or understanding. The pandemic brought the entire globe to it kneels with several fatalities across the world. Growing up in Nigeria, the entire covid-19 seems like of one those many American movies wherein a super-hero-character who eventually saves the world and sort of help the world escape some sort of dooms days.

The pandemic has affected across many platforms how business is consulted now. Compared to the past, organizations care more about their gigantic head office and its physical structures, but then with era of covid-19 the soft infrastructure became particularly important. The investments made in the Labor/HR takes the front burner this period, as while many physical structures were abandoned remote working became the order of the day and organizations needed to structure their models to accommodate this new reality.

Therefore, post-pandemic selling needs to be problems-solving-focused and solution-driven. Your product or service must identify a particular need and seek innovative solutions to be able to be able to generate revenue in this present economy. Some suggestions are below with which you can use to scale your business during this era.

Sacheterization of your Goods/Services

The many B2B products/services are tailored to the ultra-rich firms who can afford to have such services but this strategy limits the total pool from which you can have prospective clients. With a fast growing Small and Medium scale business landscape, its time to consider find ways to enlarge your current pool of prospects to accommodate this massive market. For example if you are selling cloud storage services to organizations who can afford to pay N10M monthly, perhaps its time to consider smaller organization with less budget who may not be able to afford more than N100,000. This is capable of significantly increasing your revenue and eventually bottom-line.

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

Research shown people generally more time on the internet now compared to pre-pandemic era and also most ecommerce firms have recorded sky rocketing increases in sales volume this is a pointer to where everyone is at the moment.
Therefore, you should maintain a good presence on the search engines and on social media platforms, this will give you a regular stream of prospects who are willing buyers as the search engines only recommend you to likely buyers.

Post Sale-Experience

Just as people are more rational buyers same also applies to companies and organizations across who are run by people. If you treat people right they will always come back. You need to invest on your customer service & order fulfilment processes knowing that the order is not fulfilled the customer satisfaction is met.

In conclusion, the world is moving fast and same applies to business. You have to be more customer-centric to be relevant to the customers.

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