Kayne West net worth is allegedly inflated – FORBES

American rapper Kanye West’s net worth is making headlines once again following a recent report.

According to a report by Forbes, the rapper may have given himself the title of ‘world’s richest Black man’ but the numbers are largely “inflated.”

Bloomberg reported that West’s new net worth was somewhere in between $5.1 billion and $6.6 billion through his Yeezy brand that was said to be worth between $3.2 billion and $4.7billion. He was also believed to be in possession of $122 million in cash and stock with $110million from his music catalog and other assets worth at least $1.7billion.

However, now Forbes claims that there numbers are grossly inflated as it recently claimed that the figures were based merely on speculation and not on what he is actually in possession of.

The publication corrected that the rapper’s net worth is around $1.8billion—a huge decline from the figure that what was initially reported.

This came not long after the musician’s label, Yeezy, was revalued at $1.5billion instead of the earlier $3.2billion to $4.7billion valuation it held.

As per the Forbes report, the $970million number of the Yeezy and Gap partnership is enormously hypothetical as their first collaboration has not yet been released.

It was further claimed that his $1.7billion in assets was also a figure immensely inflated as the actual number was no more than $160million.

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