Lagos Tourism & Made In Lagos

The buzz from wizkid’s recent album is still very much in the air despite the album marking a year since it was released in September of 2020. The impact of the album on the overall acceptance of afro beat across the world has been massive, topping most music charts across Europe, African and American.

It’s no understatement to say the album has been a phenomenal success with its one of the tracks off the album smashing all records previously held by other musical acts from the African continent.
Right now, if pre-2020 was regarded a successful artist then post 2020 version of him seems quite untouchable. The premise of this article is to explore the tourism potentials of the recent album for Lagos State, the opportunity of selling the Lagos experience/lifestyle as global culture influence point.
Only recently Ghana had a tourism hinged on encouraging Diasporas to return to experience the country, Lagos can do same by partnering with wizkid to explore the potentials of an album themed after the Lagos as the album name is made in Lagos.
Beyond tourism the potential of using this platform created by MIL to further attract global talents & resources to Lagos can also be tapped into. Foreign investors, venture capital & private equity are always seeking opportunities to make viable & rewarding investments. Lagos can take advantage of this unique acceptance of one its finest to pitch to these investor.
Lagos has all it takes to be a global tourism hotspot as well as business hub for not only Africa but the entire world. Oh sure we must improve on our systems to be more efficient, justice-driven and investment/business friendly.

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