Many religious people are wicked and deceptive. – Solomon. Buchi

Don’t judge yet, hear him out. In the early hours of today, Solomon Buchi (@solomon_Buchi) took to Twitter to narrate his heartbreak ordeal.

In his tweet: “My worst heartbreak story? 3 yrs ago. She told me that the HOLY SPIRIT told her to let me focus, and a few months later she got married. It messed me up, and I’m wary of religious women; they’ll hurt you in the name of Jesus , please talk to the Holy Spirit before we start. I haven’t been in a relationship since then. It was around that time that I was diagnosed of anxiety, so I started playing the guitar. My obsession with the guitar is deep because I could have been doing drugs for respite, but the guitar was my best thing to cool off.
The heartbreak also helped me to understand that many religious people are pretentious. Please if they are so big on fasting, praying and all that to determine a life partner, let them do it before y’all start, because they might wake up one day and do you like they did me”.

This many understood where he was coming from but while many others did not take his statement lightly.

He decided to decifer what he meant by his earlier statement “Many religious people are wicked and deceptive”. In his defense he said “I don’t have anything against people who pray and fast and hear from the Holy Spirit concerning dating, but please do that before you start the relationship. Get your conviction. Don’t lead someone on and suddenly run away in the name of the Holy Spirit. It’s wickedness. I saw some comments on that my worst heartbreak story’s post. I am a Christian; I pray and I read my Bible; I follow the leading of the spirit when I’m led, but what I don’t do? Start a relationship, then jump off for spiritual reasons that aren’t always even true. When I said that many religious people are wicked and deceptive. That was what I meant. Some of them will even start off telling you they are convinced you’re the one, and then in the relationship, the spirit will ask them to leave. Is the spirit confused? Sounds like Evil Spirit . Some of these spirikoko people will play with your emotions, put you in a situationship while they claim they are waiting on the lord. Meanwhile they are talking to other folks; it usually ends in tears. Why not stay by yourself and hear the Lord first before we go further? You want relationship benefits but no commitment in the name of Jesus? Stop using God’s name for your deception. You hide under ‘The Holy Spirit said’ to hurt people. You’re wicked. The Spirit hasn’t yet told you that you’re reckless with your feelings & you should go and rest?”.

Do you agree with him?

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