NEW 9JA STORY: A Rare Pearl (EPISODE 01)


Mercy: Congratulations on becoming Mr. Coolval
Me: This is overwhelming!
Mercy: How do you mean Ele?
Me: The euphoria have been feeling from the plethora of felicitations have been receiving since I emerged as the winner of Mr. Coolval.

Mercy: Hehe, emeritus have come again o… easy with your big grammers (laughing)
Me: And Miss Mercy is here again with her hyping praises (smirking)
Mercy: Is you that sabi, so how are you going to celebrate your win for me?
Me: Are you not the one who is supposed to give me flowers to celebrate my victory?
Mercy: Indeed! Once again congrajubilations (smiling)
Me: Thanks a lot. Lest I forget, I have something to talk to you about.
Mercy : And what could that be?
Me: Its about your friend Vivian (sheepish smile)
Mercy: What about her? You wan catch new fish abi?
Me: Welll, you are kinda right (rolling eyes). I actually liked her from the very first moment I saw her
Mercy: Why not go for her then? You didn’t need to ask me about her (arms akimbo)
Me: Mercy baby, you suppose to understand that I need a link to connect to that babe na and that link is
Mercy: Ele (low scream) you sre not serious (laughing) don’t worry, I will see what I can do about it
Me: That’s the reason I love you (blows kisses to the air)
Mercy : O gbadun, I have to go now Ele, I will see you some other time okay?
Me: Sure! And please don’t forget the thing you promised to do for me.
Mercy: Like say you pay me ba?
Me: Mercy na
Mercy: Don’t worry, I promise (Heads to the door then stops abruptly looking back at Ele) an idea just struck my mind
Me: And what could that be?
Mercy: Come to our church on Sunday, Vivian also attends it. From there, I’ll take care of the rest.
Me: But you know too well that I stopped attending church about two years ago (frowning)
Mercy: Then you don’t want Vivian
Me: Okay, I will come
Mercy: See you in Church on Sunday


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