NEW 9JA STORY: A Rare Pearl (EPISODE 04)



I got home full of excitement. How God worked wonders even though I was a sinner. After having rice and stew for lunch, I switched on my laptop to watch my favorite Philippine at the moment

“BLOOD MOON”. I wasn’t a fan of Philippine movies but this one got me engrossed. With potato chips and Fanta by my side, the thought of being friends with this hot chick Vivian on my mind, the movie became all the more interesting. Within two hours, I was through with season 9 of the movie. I switched on my phone. While I allow my Whatsapp messages , I quickly login to facebook to check my messages. Immediately I clicked on messages, I saw I have been added to a group of just three members.
Alas! Mercy have added me to a group along with another person with the facebook username “M’apelle Tel A Viv”.
“Facebook Group Chat”
Me: Mercy, which yeye group b this one again?
Mercy: Calm down baba
Me: Na me u de follow talk to like that ba? I no blame u as dem don de touch your yansh
Mercy: Ele stop, I don’t like it
Me: If you like vex, na u sabi
M’apelle tel a viv: Hi, Vivian is here
Me: (Surprised) the Vivian who attends Word Sanctuary Church?
M’apelle tel a Viv: Yes sir, I collected your number in church I guess, it was Mercy’s suggestion to create this group for just the three of us
Me: (and I don insult Mercy) Oh! I really didn’t know it was like that because I was thinking it was one of those famz groups she always added me too.
Vivian: Oh I se
Me: Yea yea. Whats the meaning of M’apelle tel a viv please?
Vivian: (smile emoji) it means “My name is Vivian”
Me: Shuu, eyin slay queen
Mercy: na u sabi
Vivian: lolz, abi
Me: Naxo
Me: Lolo awayu
Mercy: I am fine o, my one and only Lala
Vivian: u people want to make me jealous abi?
Mercy: No, I will give you a name too
Vivian: Oya I de wait
Mercy: We will call you Lalu
Me: Mercy, receive sense, which kind yeye name you de give this fine girl?
Vivian: I actually love it (love emoji)
Mercy: Ele, Ntoor
Vivian: So.. we have got Lolo, Lala, Lalu… osha pra pra
Mercy: Yes o, osha pra pra
Me: Oshozondi


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