After our chat that day, Vivian, Mercy and I became so close that we were always seen together most of the times. We went to church together and always sat close to one another. I started going to church and joined the ushering unit in church to show Vivian I was a good guy.


Mercy indirectly always shows her jealousy towards the way I care about Vivian. That wasn’t my business because when I tried to woo her about a year ago, she chose a popular yahoo guy in our school over me but had to run away from the guy when she heard the guy uses the glory of ladies to make more money. Girls and their flexible brain though.
As I got closer to Vivian, I got to realize she was down to earth humble, humorous and gregarious with so many friends, boys and girls alike. I just cannot imagine the number of proposals from guys she receives weekly. If I should stand any chance of becoming her lover, I have to maintain constant contact with her and at least do things differently from all other guys.

I called Vivian everyday at least twice a day, while we chat all day on whatsapp sometimes doing video calls. She was always the first to like my post on facebook and comment with funny comment so I thought I was getting there.
I decided to tell Mercy about my progress with Vivian.
(Whatsapp chat)
Me: Lolo
Mercy: Lala
Me: Bawoni
Mercy: Mowapa.. who has been teaching my baby Yoruba o?
Me: Don’t underestimate me o
Mercy: I hear, lol.. hows your Vivian
Me: Fine fine, i think she has fallen for me
Mercy: uhm, Ele how do you know?
Me: The way she acts towards me, she has been the nicest person I have ever met
Mercy: Ele, Vivian is nice to everyone… I hardly hear her quarrel with anyone… she is a rare pearl… don’t mistake true friendship for love, Ele
Me: Hmmm, you don’t want me to date Vivian because you are jealous that is why you are discouraging me
Mercy: It is not like that Ele, if it was so, I wouldn’t open that group for us… I am a girl and I am telling you from experience… you can be really good friends you know because friendship is another word for love
Me: K
Mercy: Lol, Ele
Me: K
Mercy: Ele, don’t be like this
Me: please leave me alone…
Mercy: (No reply)
(On a phone call)
Me: Hello
Vivian: Baby, how you
Me: I gallant, I miss your face o, can we video chat on whatsapp
Vivian: Not now Ele, I am not in a condition to video chat
Me: what condition? (Slightly raised voice)
Vivian: Ele..I have been s..
Ele: Don’t tell me anything, just tell me you don’t want to do it (hangs up)
Almost immediately I hanged up, I received a text message from Vivian that she was sorry if she offended me and would try her best to do the video chat later at night. I didn’t reply her text and went to a game shop to play PS3 to calm my anger. I started thinking if I have over reacted because that was the very first time Vivian denied a request I made but I really didn’t care.
I played for almost five hours before leaving the game shop around 8pm. On my way home, my left leg hit a stone as I screeched my teeth in pains. My grandma has always told me hitting a stone with your left leg was always a bad omen. I wasn’t too bothered because I wasn’t a fan of superstitions or myths.
As I got up and was about to move, I got a call from Mercy. I have been keeping malice with her since our last chat. I refused to pick her calls. She kept calling but each time I busied it. Then I received a text. I was reluctant to check it at first so my feelings won’t waver but on a second thought, I decided to check it and what I saw took me aback at first. The text reads: ELE, VIVIAN DIED.
I was mad at Mercy for that text, even if she wanted to reconcile with me, must she use such a sensitive trick to persuade me? I decided to move from the road to a nearby store which was close to check my Facebook page.
I logged in and searched for Vivian, then went to her wall and got yet another shock. I met plethora of messages condoling and sympathizing with Viv’s family on her wall. It was then reality dawned on me that Vivian was really gone. I walked trudging home. I got home after what seems like hours of trekking and collapsed on my bed. I picked up my phone and called Mercy. She explained that Vivian had been sick for days before she collapsed this morning and was rushed to the hospital. She gave up the ghost around 8pm this night. I didn’t say a word throughout the call and hanged up. I couldn’t eat so I went out to buy sleeping pills. I took them and slept, but the night was one hell of a night for me filled with nightmares.
I woke up around 11am the following day with intense headache. I thought about yesterday evening and realized that Vivian was in the hospital battling with her life but still dared to pick up my call despite the inconvenience. She even tried to explain to me but my anger got the better of me. I am so sorry Vivian. Even with all I did, you still dared to love me. You still dared to care about me. I’m very certain I won’t make heaven for all I did to her.
True to Mercy’s word, friendship is another word for love. Vivian was an embodiment of true friendship. Even without living 100 years, you can live for 20 years with a fulfilling life. She made a huge impact in my life by teaching me to give a listening ear to others before I I conclude. A life of no impact is a valueless life no matter how long you live. Oh, I miss her every passing day. Vivian was a limited edition. A rare pearl indeed!


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