“What do you think you’re doing?” Luyando had stopped crying and was not glaring at Natasha.
“You look like you could use a shoulder to cry on.” Natasha said.
Luyando scoffed. “From you?”
“Why not?” Natasha asked. “Think about it Lu, have I ever been your enemy?”
Luyando tried to get up but her head was spinning from crying so much that she was forced to sit back down. “Just leave me the hell alone or call the police on me for kidnapping.”

“As much as I would love to do that, I can’t do it…because whether I like it or not, you are my sister…which means you are also Sean’s aunt. I just don’t appreciate you taking him away without informing us.”
Luyando was looking at her like she would a crazy person. “Is that how you want to play this?” She asked. “How kind of you.” she said sarcastically. “Are you doing this just to look good in your fiancé’s eyes? Or, is this some ploy to show you Bernard what a better daughter you are compared to me?”
“Why do you always assume the worst of people?” Natasha asked. “I have never once tried to take anything away you; not Tula, not my father and not anything your mind has cooked up.”
“Easy for you to say since you’ve grown up receiving the love that should have been mine from in the first place.”
“Are you trying to tell me that you’ve never ever received love of your own all your life?” Natasha asked. “I am sorry to have to surprise you Luyando but you too grow up with plenty of love, you were just too dame selfish to notice it.
“Dad might have made a mistake with you back then but he never once forgot about you. You were fortunate enough to be adopted into a good family and be loved by a mother that loved you probably more than she did her own biological son.
“Even knowing that, Tulani still loved you. instead of lashing out at you for taking his mother’s love away, she tried to understand your situation and he loved you like a sister nevertheless. And let’s not forget about your devoted husband Peter. You are where you are today Luyando not because the world has been unfair to you; you are here crying on the floor after kidnapping an innocent child because you do not love yourself enough.
“How do you expect people to love you when you can’t love yourself? You had plenty of chances to make something of your life, to live happily but you blew all that away due to your selfishness. It’s not like Tulani ever gave you hope. You knew from the beginning what his feelings were yet you kept pursuing the hope of you two being together.
“I’m going to be honest with you; I don’t pity you at all. In fact, I don’t think you even need therapy. You know very well what your problem is and the sooner you face the facts, the better for everyone, especially yourself. You have two beautiful women that are going to end up being raised by another woman simply because their mother was too wrapped up in making some man fall in-love with her.
“Imagine the kind of hate you felt towards dad when he neglected you, what do you think your kids will feel when they find out why their own mother abandoned them? I don’t think you are a bad person. If you were, we wouldn’t be sitting here right now having this conversation. I just think that you are a very disturbed person with misplaced priorities. Take a long walk back into your life and see who your enemy really is.”
A minute went by and Luyando said nothing in response.
“Luyando?” Natasha called out to her.
“You talk too dame much.” Luyando finally spoke.
Natasha laughed. “So I hear,” she said. “Is that a smile I’m seeing at the corners of your mouth?”
Luyando quickly straightened her face. “What smile?” She asked. “How can I be smiling in this situation?”
“Well, I wouldn’t hurt to try.” Natasha said.
“You must think that I am a nutcase, right?”
“I never said that.” Natasha said. “Well, to be honest, a little.”
Luyando kept quiet for a few seconds before busting out in laughter. “I knew I would never win Tulani the moment I met you.”
“Do I take that as you conceding defeat?”
“Definitely,” Luyando answered. “Only a fool can keep pursuing a man even after kidnapping his child. I hate that things had to reach this far…that he saw sides of me he should have never seen. I wish the ground would just open up and swallow me. It’s embarrassing.” She shut her eyes and hung her head as she ended the sentence.
“I Can’t say I am not happy to hear you say that.” Natasha admitted.
“I know,” Luyando replied.
“What do you plan on doing now?”
“Those things you said about me…those many many things, you are right. And you know what the funny thing is; I thought the exact thing when I looked at your son today. It took a four year old to finally make me realize exactly what’s wrong with me. Gosh, a four year old!”
Natasha laughed. “If it makes you feel any better, the doctors said he is way too intelligent and mature for kids his age.”
“At least he didn’t take after his father in that department.” Luyando said.
They both laughed.
“See, you are finally laughing.” Natasha remarked.
“Imagine that,” Luyando said. “I never thought a day like this would ever come. I guess a lot changes when one changes their perspective. I wonder what would have happened had I realized certain things sooner.”
“No one can tell what the future will be like.” Natasha said. “You can try, but you can never be 100% sure. We just to deal with whatever situations we are dealt the best way possible.”
“It’s obvious who your son takes after,” Luyando commented sarcastically.
Natasha laughed. “It’s obvious indeed.” She said.
“I am going to look for Peter.” Luyando announced.
Natasha gaped at her in disbelief before smiling. “You will?” She asked. “That’s fantastic Lu!”
“I am too proud to beg him to take me back…but I am hoping he does. But if we can’t work out, I will be happy to have my kids back. It took long I know, but I finally realized they are the best thing that ever happened to me. I will take my kids, or just one of them since I know for a fact Peter wouldn’t let me leave the country with both.
“I might not have been a great mother to them…but I still loved them…I still do. Never once wanted any sort of harm to come to them…like I felt with Sean earlier. With my kids, I was just too preoccupied by other things to appreciate them more.”
“You’ve made the right decision Luyando.” Natasha said.
“I want to say something smug, a clever retort of some sort but I don’t want to do that anymore.”
Natasha chuckled.
“Did we perhaps enter the wrong room?” Tulani asked the two ladies seated on the floor.



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