Dem say when egg break palm kernel, shame go begin catch stone. The main oga wey Timo think say go come bail am no show face, na ordinary councillor wey e don work for only once come to e rescue. This mata wey happen don finally teach am sense. All these ogas dem, na only when e favor dem, naim dem dey gree show face.

Because of wetin DPO been yarn, Timo no gree show face for town; normally, him be signboard for the town. Mama Tasty dey disturb am for gist, but him know say dis no be time for woman tatafo. Mr. Councillor don arrange for am to comot Abako for two weeks till mata die down and him don ready to push.

Mama Tasty dey reason wetin she and her husband go face for house. Everything too quick hapun and she no come know as she go take talk. Her business don cripple for that day and the money wey she go lose no be small. Even Michael sef, she no know whether that one don hear of wetin happen.

She leave her husband with councillor take comot. She try dey reason the kind gist wey their two wan get wey dey that urgent; because truth be say, she no dey always dey comfortable when that man dey with her husband. Na true say Mr. Jude Tabi na politician too, but na very local one him dey do. Him position never rise pass market chairman. But this time around, him dey hope to go higher. Mama Tasty don first warn am to stop politics, but her husband mind don already dey there.

She never even reach house when Michael call her phone. The way wey him sound for phone no show say e don hear wetin happen to her. He dey happy when him call and him dey breath fast-fast like who dem dey pursue for dream.

“Mummy, e be like say Shaba just born o! We been dey field dey play ball, naim we see am.”

“Jisos!” Mama shout. The news shock her.

“Na how she dey? When she born so?”

“Na now-now o. She just dey deliver so. And people never know sha. Na only three of us wey last comot school field know.”

“Hmm… Okay, no wahala, thank you! We go talk later, make I rush go somewhere.”

As Mama Tasty drop call, naim she change her direction. She no know how body be her. She no know whether to dey happy or to dey sad. Dey happy say Shaba don finally deliver safely, or dey sad say dem bring pikin come life come suffer. She no really know why she dey feel for her like dis; maybe na because say she be mother too. But no be only she be the mother wey dey Abako.

Na the next day, naim the news really spread say Shaba don born. Nobody don see the pikin eye. Na Mama Monday first run come for morning come check on Shaba. Her house dey opposite Abako community school. She carry some children clothes and soap follow body. After all no be only Mama Tasty be the only good mother for Abako.

She quickly rush go inside. Abako Community School kukuma no first get gate, because gate wey no get key to lock am no be gate at all. As she reach where Shaba dey, she meet her dey cry. Shaba sef nearly injure her with vex. She quickly rush come out, and Shaba begin pursue am. Mama Monday never run like dat for her life before. She come begin shout for help. As she dey shout, naim Shaba dey shout her own too.

“Ole! Una don come thief my pikin for night! My baby! My baby o!” Shaba dey cry heavily, but nobody dey around. Mama Monday run go out to go call people make dem come see wetin happen.


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