NEW 9JA STORY: Adventure Of The Snake Ladies [S02 EP 01] || written by Mustapha Idris


S02 EP 01

Crowd: accident, accident ooo
the driver inside the trailer that crush us came out without a single injury while me and Anita was crushed.

Some brave people ran to the scene were they removed our lifeless body from the scattered car.
In no time, we were rushed down to the hospital.
Guy 1: check if u go fit see em phone.

They searched.

Guy 2: i don see am, the phone never scatter thank God.
Guy 3: check through the phone list make you call him people.
Guy 2: erm. yes, him store this one as mummy.
He called my mum.
Mum: hello idris, have you arrived?
Guy 2: sorry ma, this is not idris.
Mum: who are you and what are you doing with his phone?
Guy 2: the owner of this phone and his wife were involved in a ghastly motor accident.
Mum: what!!
Guy 2: actually we have taken them to the hospital.
Mum: nooooo!!!!!!
She screamed as the phone fell down from her hands. She fell down and started crying.
Mum: they have done it oo, my enemies have finally succeeded.
She was crying so loud that the whole neighbours came inside.
Woman 1: ahh mummy idris, whats the problem.
Mum: my son oo.. They have succeeded.
Woman 2: who have succeeded?
Mum: my enemies.
Woman 3: what have they done to you na?
Mum: my son was involved in a ghastly motor accident.
Women: Jesus!!

The whole women started crying and the were rolling on the floor. Soon the whole neighbourhood heard the badnews.
Mum: no!!

She screamed and stood up.
Mum: its time to be strong not weak.
She said as she entered her room, picked her wrapper and ran straight to Pastor Val’s house.
Its time to seek the face of God…



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