NEW 9JA STORY: Adventure Of The Snake Ladies [S02 EP 02] || written by Mustapha Idris


S02 EP 02

My mum rushed to Pastor Val’s house and knocked at the gate. The gateman didn’t respond. She got angry and hit the gate with a great force.

Gateman: Who be that wey one spoil my gate?

He asked as he came out from his room and opened the gate.
My mother pushed him aside and and ran inside the house.
Gateman: hey stop there. Wetin dey worry you.

He said as he rushed and blocked my mother from entering the house.
Mum: crying leave me oo. I want to see Pastor o. Just leave me..

She cried. The gateman didn’t respond to her, he tried pushing her away when Pastor Val came out as a result of the noise.
Pastor Val: whats going on here?
He asked no one in particular. My mother broke into more tears.
Gateman: i been dey sleep oo, When i hear person dey hit the gate with heavy force. As i go open am, she just run enter inside dey cry.
Pastor val: looked closely at my Mum and recognize that she is a member of his church leave her alone.
He commanded and the gateman went out grumbling.
Pastor Val: you can come inside Sister.
My mother entered inside the beautiful and plush building of the pastor. The inside of the house was painted with yellow paint while the outside was painted with white paint. The interior design was also looking good.
Pastor Val: sitting down on a couch take your sit Sister.

My mum sat down.

Pastor Val: what’s the problem.
Mum: pastor, its about my son o.
Pastor Val: go on, what happened to him.
Mum: he was involved in a ghastly motor accident with his fiance a few hours ago..
Pastor Val: Jesus!!
Mum: they have finally succeeded oo..
Pastor Val: don’t say that Sister. Get up lets pray.
She stood up and tied her head tie properly and they started Praying really hard. They kept praying and singing praises with my mum crying at intervals


Pastor Val: Thank you our father, Thank you lord for only you answereth all our prayers for in Jesus name i pray.
Mum: Amen!
Pastor Val: Amen.
He sat down and cleaned the sweat that was gathering in his fore head.

My mother looked at him and was confused because he sat down smiling. Surely, she believed that Pastor Val is the most prayerful pastor their in the village. He is a no-nonsense man and was always serious.

People do criticize him alot but that did not stop the anointing of God in his life. His church has many members in it than other churches in the village. He sometimes prophecy to others and sometimes, he performs miracle but not everytime. He based on preaching and praying and o boy, he can pray!
Mum: why is he smiling? What could be the problem? Or has God revealed something to him?
my mother thought.
Pastor Val: sister, while we were praying, the Lord our God revealed a very dark secret to me..
Mum: a very dark secret?
Pastor Val: yes about your son.



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