EP 02

Amaka got to Lagos and called the number she was given,the guy told her that she should wait at the bus stop that he will come and pick her and soon he drove to that place,when he saw her, he couldn’t believe that the lazy and rude girl they were talking about could be that beautiful,

Daniel himself wasn’t ugly, he was quite handsome and at the age of 22,he had become an importer and exporter, though he only completed His secondary education, he came back from the US last week and called his parents and told them that he needed someone that will be cooking for him cause he find it eating outside, his parents had suggested Amaka for him knowing too well that she would change after staying with him cause her father has complained so many times, they told Daniel about her and he said that he would take her,he was going to tame her before sending her back to her parents and finally leaving the country again.
They got to his house some minutes later,and after they went in, he started explaining and telling her what she will be doing.
Daniel: you know how to cook right?
Amaka: am i here to cook? Don’t you have a wife?
Daniel: do you think you’re here to play? At your age, you don’t know how to cook, well i won’t tolerate that, while you’re with me, you have to learn how to cook, clean the house,and any other thing that needs cleaning.
Amaka: you must be joking, if that’s why am here, me am going back home!
Daniel: and don’t talk to me in that manner!
Amaka: or what will happen?! (He slapped her and said)
Daniel: or that will happen!
Amaka: why did you slap me?!
Daniel: find your manners wherever you kept it and if you can’t find it, get one! (He left her and went inside his room, few minutes later, she asked him where she would be sleeping, and he gave her a beautiful and well furnished room)
Later at night, Daniel had told her to prepare something that they would eat but she couldn’t, she just stood there looking at him.
Daniel: what wrong?
Amaka: what did you say that i should prepare?
Daniel: alright just prepare rice this night.
Amaka: i don’t know how to (looks away)
Daniel: Jesus! All is well, am going outside to get something that we Will eat tonight but from tomorrow we’ll start learning how to cook.
Amaka: you’ll teach me?
Daniel: yes any problem?
Amaka: no!
Daniel: okay then (he Left).



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