EP 03

Daniel woke up in the morning and found out that Amaka was still sleeping, he got angry and went into her room and picked up a pillow and hit her with it, she stood up immediately and greeted him.

Amaka: Good morning.
Daniel: keep the greetings to yourself! Do you think you’re still with your parents?
Amaka: what did i do?
Daniel: have you cleaned the house this morning?
Amaka: but it’s too early nah!
Daniel: what is early? If i slap you eh, you will find yourself outside, come on will you get out of this room!
Amaka: what is it self?!
Daniel: are you still asking me questions? (He tried moving close to her and she ran out of the room and picked up a broom and started sweeping)
Four months later, she had learnt so many things including how to cook and stopped being disrespectful, Daniel himself was happy for her, he had asked her one day if she wanted to go back home and she refused to go home so he decided to keep her, when she went home to visit her parents, they were surprised that their daughter had change so much.
Nnenna: you’ve changed oo, how did he do it?
Amaka: do what?
Emeka: no she thought that he’s the same with mama.
Amaka: I’ve heard you, whatever!
Emeka: are you going back?
Amaka: yes am going back!
Nnenna: should i come with you?
Amaka: no! You want to spoil things for me.
Emeka: spoil what for you?
Amaka: am writing waec this year, he registered me.
Nnenna: like seriously?
Amaka: yes nah, mama and papa knows.
Emeka: so you’ll soon join me in school?
Amaka: am not going to that yeye university with you!
Emeka: see this one, you never write jamb o!
Amaka: I’ll write it! Jealousy.
Nnenna: the both of you should close that mouth.
Emeka: why?
Nnenna: me that is graduating this year haven’t said anything and this one that is still going to write waec is talking even this one that haven’t reached second semester.
Emeka: so we should clap for you?
Amaka: let’s clap for her(they started clapping and nnenna picked up her slipper and they both stood up and ran away)



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