EP 06

Christian went into her room and saw her sleeping, and touched her face and said.
Christian: why didn’t you let me do this properly? (He turned her, and was about to take off her dress)….

Daniel: i have to go home now.
Stanley: but you said that you’re leaving late today?
Daniel: am kind of feeling a slight headache, we’ll see next time.
Stanley: or are you going to see your girl?
Daniel: what girl? Please am single, just need to check on someone, i might come back and help you with the stuff.
Stanley: you know i have to submit this tomorrow.
Daniel: you can do it, see you tomorrow.
Stanley: alright thanks.
Daniel: bye ( he stood up, picked his phone and left Stanley’s house, he got home few minutes later and knocked on the gate but noone answered due to the sound of music coming from the house, he called amaka’s line and she didn’t pick up, then he manage to jumped through the fence and went in, thank God he didn’t go out with his car that day, he then went into the house, and saw a lot of people and one of the guys immediately turned off the music, Daniel wanted to go into Chiamaka’s room but Linda stopped him..
Linda: she’s sleeping.
Daniel: and so what?
Linda: who are you anyway and how did you get into the house?
Daniel: i should be asking you that! Who are you? And what are you doing in my house?
Linda: you’re the owner of the house?
Daniel: move out of my way! (He pushed her aside and went into amaka’s room, she was half naked, now only wearing her pant and bra, Daniel went close to Christian and pushed him out of the bed,went close to him and dragged him up..
Daniel: what did you do to her?
Christian: who do you think you’re?
Daniel: what are you doing in my house? And what did you do to her!?
Christian: i didn’t do anything!
Daniel: get the f–k out of here (he punched him and he fell to the floor, and stood up and ran out of the house and others followed, Daniel went and locked the gate and door and then went back to her room and covered her with her bedsheets, few minutes later she woke up and saw that she wasn’t wearing her clothes anymore, she stood up and wore her cloths and went to the sitting room and saw Daniel arranging the place and she asked him)
Chiamaka: what happened?
Daniel: nothing happened.
Chiamaka: why was i half…?
Daniel: i don’t ever want to see you with that guy again!
Chiamaka: he did that?
Daniel: you’re not seeing him again!



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