EP 10

Immediately he drove inside the house, and came out of his car, Lisa came to hug him and he pushed her aside and went and carried amaka to her room and then went to Lisa and asked her.

Daniel: why did she sleep outside?
Lisa: am also surprised.
Daniel: stop lieing and tell me the truth for God’s sake!
Lisa: why are you shouting at me? I didn’t know that she slept outside okay! When i went out to buy something last night she was in her room, so i didn’t bother to check on her when i came back home, i didn’t know that she left and she didn’t knock at the gate either, why would i lock her outside?
Daniel: you want to tell me that she left the house at night?
Lisa: that girl is trying to set me up cause of the things i did to her when i came here, she’s trying to make you hate me.
Daniel: why would she do that?
Lisa: is it not obvious to you that she has feelings for you?
Daniel: what!?
Lisa: yes, so please i don’t need that this morning, believe her as usual, nonsense. (She hissed and went into her room).
Few minutes later, amaka woke up and saw Daniel standing at her door, he then walked close to her bed and sat down on the bed and asked her.
Daniel: who sent you outside last night?
Amaka: your fiancé did.
Daniel: she did?
Amaka: yes.
Daniel: why are you lieing?
Amaka: what?
Daniel: why did you risk your own life just to get back at someone?
Amaka: what are you talking about?
Daniel: or do you have feelings for me?
Amaka: what?
Daniel: stop asking me that as if you’re dumb! Do you think doing that will make me fall for you?
Amaka: she…..
Daniel: shut up, if you continue this way, I’ll send you back to your parents!
Amaka: then why don’t you just do that? Yes i agree that i have feelings for you, but why would i risk my life in other for you to live her? Am not that kind of person!
Daniel: stop pretending, nothing will ever happen between us.( he left her room and she started crying)
For two days amaka didn’t attend to Lisa, and the day she did, Lisa asked her.
Lisa: what did you tell Daniel?
Amaka: nothing.
Lisa: don’t you ever tell him that i locked you outside that night!
Amaka: i don’t need to, he already believes you, isn’t that what you wanted?



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