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EP 20

They had slept without power; the house was dark and sadness hung heavily in the atmosphere like a thick blanket. They had eaten in silence each lost in her own thoughts.

She tossed and turned on the bed; her mother was definitely asleep, she thought as she stared out of her window. She couldn’t sleep.

The moon was bright with hope but there was none for her.

She knew she needed a job and real fast; she had a heap of bills to pay and she couldn’t escape them.

She wasn’t going to ask Alex for money; no, she preferred to sort herself out. She hated to be a burden.

What if she apologized to Greg? What is she chose to forget what had happened? Was she too proud?

Her mind was a prison of confusion; she was greatly trouble as she considered the odds of landing a job soon enough to pay all the bills she owed.

She fetched her phone and contemplated sending him an apology ‘should I or should I not’?

‘No’ she decided and threw the phone on the bed. She couldn’t apologize for something she was not guilty of; if anyone needed to apologize, Greg himself had to take the first shot.

Minutes later, her phone beeped. She almost ignored it, she told herself it was Alex? Who else would call her or text her apart from her best friend or her mother by that hour?

‘This is not possible’ she stuttered as she stared at the message. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

‘An Apology’? she scoffed and read the text aloud: “I am so sorry for sending that note; I was slightly tipsy and it had nothing to do with you. Morgan tells me you would make a very good personal assistant, so if you’re still up for it, you can come tomorrow for another interview. I am sorry once again. G. Beecroft.

‘Oh my God’ she screamed and jumped on the bed.

‘Mandy? Is everything alright’? Her mother called from her room.

‘Yes mum, do you believe in miracles’?

‘Of course yes’ her mother yelled back.

‘I just had a miracle’ Amanda laughed excitedly. Finally, she was going to get the P.A job and it would solve all their problems.

He was not so rude afterall; her admiration for him grew. Her heart raced as she imagined what working for the handsome Greg Beecroft would feel like.

‘He is your boss now’ she muttered to herself. She needed to get rid of any ideas that danced in her head; she decided that her crush on him was over.

Her eyelids fluttered at the thought of a new job; it was time to sleep, she needed to wake early, but then her phone buzzed again.

She swallowed and wondered if he was the one calling; what if he was the one? How was his voice going to be on phone?

She was sure it was him, the number was not in any way familiar. She took the phone and placed it on her left ear: ‘Hello, Amanda Atkins on the line’, she waited for a response.

‘Hello Princess, how are you’ the voice said.

‘Nathan’? She called his name, he was the only one that called her princess.

‘Yes, it’s Nate. So how are you now’? He asked.

‘Stronger, better. Thanks so much for looking out’ she replied. She briefly wondered why Greg had not showed up in the hospital but she pushed the thoughts away, he had done enough by taking her there in the first place.

‘Good. I really like you Mandy, you seem like the type of person to be friends with’ Nathan started.

‘Oh? You too, you seem pretty nice’ she replied sweetly.

‘Not pretty, I am nice’ he corrected and she laughed.

He loved the sound of her laughter; he loved the smoothness of her honeyed voice; just like her hair, her voice was perfect.

‘So, can we have lunch tomorrow’? Nathan asked.

‘Are you asking me on a date’? She rolled her eyes and toyed with her curls in the dark.

‘Yes. What do you say’? Nathan asked.

‘Yes of course, but I may be quite busy, I have an interview tomorrow’ she replied.

‘Oh. Trust me, I wouldn’t take much of your time, I just want to be friends, get to know you better’ he replied.

‘Alright then, I’ll call you’ Amanda replied.

‘Thanks, goodnight. Sleep well’ he said to her.

‘Night Nathan’ she replied.

‘phew’ she sighed as she ended the call.

‘Who was that Nate’? Trudy curled her hands round his neck, with her naked boobs pressing firmly to his back.

‘Er, Greg’ he replied and shut the phone.

‘Greg? But you don’t like Greg, you sounded so happy talking to that person’ Trudy ran her fingers through his hair.

‘Remember I have to play my part as you have to yours’ he replied calmly. He was getting irritated by her clingy nature but he needed to be patient, Trudy was a key player in his game and he wasn’t letting her go till he got Beecroft and then Amanda.

‘So, what about Greg? Should I continue sleeping with him’? She decided to change the topic.

‘For now, no’ he replied and placed a kiss on her face.

‘You have a better plan on getting your father to hand over everything to you’? Trudy asked.

Back at the party, she had been the one to spike Greg’s drink and take snapshots of him; that had been her third time of doing it. She usually gave the pictures to Nathan and he’d leak them to the media.

She did all these because she loved him and wanted to be with him.

‘Not really. But I worked out one that would make Greg miserable for his whole life; and when he becomes miserable, Beecroft would crash in his hands and our father would have no other choice but to hand over the company to me’ Nathan was confident his plans would work.

‘Really? What did you do’?

‘I set Greg up to sign some papers; I know my brother, he is not willing to get married to pregnant Wendy but he signed the papers anyway and so he is stuck, there is no way out for him. I know Greg very well, I know his weakness, I can smell his failure, it is not faraway’ Nathan sniggered.

‘That’s such a good plan honey, I am happy you’re making progress’Trudy smiled.

‘Thanks honey’ he whispered and cuddled her in his arms, he was cuddling Amanda Atkins.

‘That feels good’ Trudy smiled as Nathan stroke her hair.

‘Yes, Mandy’ he whispered, too little for her to notice and then she fell asleep.

His heart raced as he thought of his date with Amanda; he couldn’t wait to spend time with the woman of his dreams; he just couldn’t wait.



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