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EP 24

He heaved a sigh of relief once Wendy had gone out of his office; she was so clingy, such a bug and he was happy to get rid of her.

He quickly moved himself to the cellar and poured some wine; he was going crazy, was this really going to work? Was being fake the solution to his problems?

‘Why do you look so grim man? Isn’t it too early to start your day with liquor’? Morgan walked into the office.

‘I don’t know bro, I am tired of playing nice to Wendy, why can’t I just tell her the truth, that I don’t want to get married’? Greg exhaled sharply.

‘That’s because, you will lose your company to Nathan, is that what you really want’? Morgan asked.

‘I had sex with her the night before; she drained all of my energy; she is all over me, I don’t love her Morgan; I am stuck with her; how can I keep up with this for a year or more? I’d rather die’ Greg sank into his armchair.

‘No, you wouldn’t die, you may actually fall in love with her in the process; Love is a mysterious thing. Wendy is amazing, just the kind of woman that suits you’ Morgan replied.

‘Suits me? Hell no, she was very rude to my personal assistant, called her names, mocked her clothing; who does that’?

‘Wait, you got a new personal assistant’? Morgan asked.

‘Yea, she finally apologized and I have forgotten about it’ Greg replied.

‘Apologized’? Morgan frowned, apparently, Alex was yet to tell her friend the truth, he didn’t like lies.

‘Yes, why are you frowning’? Greg noticed.

‘Nothing’ Morgan replied, he was going to speak to Alex later.

‘I just have this vibe that Wendy is fake; she may not really love me’ Greg said.

‘You think she is after your money? Hell no, she got hers, remember her parents invested 10% in Beecroft’? Morgan grinned.

‘It doesn’t matter; what if the plan was to get married to Wendy and somehow she manipulates me into giving her family everything huh’? Greg had another thought.

‘And there’s another thing, she walked towards the cellar today, I swear she was about to pour herself a glass of wine, that’s what she does when she is worked up’ Greg added.

‘That’s crazy, are you sure about that? Because pregnant women don’t drink’ Morgan rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

‘I saw the results though, she is definitely pregnant, she’s just so reckless though’ Greg replied and took out his phone.

‘My father wants to see me’ Greg announced.

‘Good, I have some work to do, see you later’ Morgan patted his arm and left for his own office.

‘What does he want now’? Greg dragged his keys from the table and rushed out of the office.

Silas was having a good time with his younger son; he had never shared such precious a moment with Greg; he still wondered when Greg was going to forgive him for the crash of his marriage to his mother.

‘She is really beautiful and homely too, what’s her name’? Silas stared at the photograph of a very attractive blonde girl.

‘Amanda’ Nathan supplied.

‘Nice name for a beautiful lady, so when are you bringing her home’? Silas asked.

‘Um, we just started dating…but I’ll definitely introduce you two’ Nathan smiled proudly; he loved his princess dearly and couldn’t wait to be with her forever.

‘That’s nice, I am proud of you son, can’t say the same for your brother; Wendy is just the sort of girl that can keep him’ Silas rose to his feet and peered at the window, Greg had arrived.

‘Talk of the devil’ he trailed off.

Nathan’s heart beamed at his father’s words; this meant that his father was slowly warming up to him and soon he would be topmost in the man’s heart.

‘You called me’ Greg stepped into the house wearing a frown.

‘Hey bro’ Nathan winked.

Greg ignored him; he had not forgotten how they’d tricked him to sign the papers, now he was stuck with Wendy forever.

‘You don’t have to be so rude, I am still your father’ Silas said to him.

‘Father? What kind of father forces his own son to get married to a woman that he doesn’t love’? Greg scoffed and settled in a chair.

‘They type that wants his son to succeed’ Silas replied.

‘Cut it, why did you call me’? Greg asked.

‘Have you finally accepted to marry Wendy’? Silas asked.

Greg couldn’t help but laugh, what kind of question was this?

‘You made me sign those papers; you threatened me, what else do you want from me? I am done’ Greg rushed to his feet and stepped out of the house.

‘Greg’! Silas called after him but he wouldn’t stop walking.

‘Let him be dad, the drugs are starting to have effect on him’ Nathan held his father’s shoulder with a hand.

‘Drugs? What drugs’? Silas was alarmed at the mention of drugs.

‘Aren’t you aware? Greg is on Meth’ Nathan replied.

‘Meth? Are you serious about this Nathan’? Silas was terrified by this news. If Greg had started taking drugs, it means that the company wasn’t in safe hands. Drugs meant bad news.



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