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EP 32

He had taken a nap once he’d arrived home from work; his chef had prepared a meal and once he was done eating; he moved straight to the bathroom.
As the water trickled down his spine, he took a mental trip to the events of the day.

He wondered why Wendy was so obsessed and delusional; she bombarded his phone with calls and he had gotten irritated and turned it off.
His mind travelled from Wendy to his personal assistant; slowly, the water turned to ice; and the ice turned to snow and he found himself in a world of fantasy.
He imagined kissing her delicate lips; he imagined caressing her white throat and playing kisses all over her body.
She seemed to him a very hardworking and ambitious person; those were the two qualities that had drawn him to Wendy.
He believed in hard work and vision hence he found it difficult to resist women who had a mix of it; reason he had slept with some of his business partners, but that was in the past now; he was a new creature and old things were gone.
‘Focus’ he reprimanded himself.

Amanda was his employee and he had no business fantasying about her; he decided he would distract himself.
A mischievous smile curved his lips; he knew the perfect plan that would get her out of his mind.
As for Wendy, he still believed there was a way out; he couldn’t see himself being with someone like her. Since his father always used Nathan as a threat, he needed to remove that threat and he could only do that by pinpointing Nathan’s numerous weaknesses to their father. That way, the old man would realize he was still the best for Beecroft
Another day had rolled by quickly; he was dressed in tight black pants and a fancy shirt that clung firmly to his body and revealed his muscles.

He noticed Gwen wasn’t on seat and neither was his personal assistant;not that he really cared, he needed to speak with Morgan urgently. He had to find something on Nathan; something to prove that he wasn’t worthy of being the C.E.O ever.
‘What now’? His eyes pinned the sachet on the table. It looked familiar, this was something he loved and only someone close could’ve gotten him pistachio nuts.
He scanned the room briefly and settled his eyes back on the table; this was his favorite snack, somebody was trying to bribe him.
‘Wendy’ his eyes glared darkly, his irritation for her suddenly came alive and he picked the sachet that contained the nuts and dumped it in the trash bin; he had no time for her games. Wendy only gave him gifts when she needed something that he wasn’t willing to give.
He guessed the nuts was probably to cajole him into firing his personal assistant but he was not going to have any of that.
Minutes later after he had settled and written his “to do list”, there was a knock on the door; he guessed it was either Gwen or Amanda. If it were the latter, he had prepared himself adequately to face her.
He wouldn’t be unnerved by her charms; he would fight for control and that’s because she was going to be far away from him.
‘Good morning sir’Amanda stepped into the office with a bright countenance.

She noticed her boss was not frowning; his expression was neutral and this bothered her; she had expected him to be delighted after chewing his favorite snack. And what about her hair? She had changed the color so it would make him see her in a different light.
She wanted to prove so much to Greg; she wanted to prove that she took her job as his P.A seriously and she was hardworking and resilient as compared to his former assistant, Holly.
‘Morning’ he replied tightly. His eyes travelled first to her hair, it was perfectly done, jet black; it gave her the look of an Amazon; a fiery woman and it projected the blueness of her eyes.
He almost asked if she were a natural blonde or that had also been a dye but he held restraint by the shoulder. He didn’t want to encourage the attraction he felt for her.
‘I made your morning coffee’ Amanda dropped the tray on the table.
‘Oh, thank you Ms. Atkins’ Greg flashed her a quick smile and tore his eyes away from her.
Making eye contact was difficult. Anytime he stared at her, it seemed an unseen fire burned him; it opened the box of desires buried within him and resistance was difficult.

He drew a deep breath and fetched a paper from his drawer.
‘Have this’ he looked up and their eyes met again.
This time, Amanda was the one who felt the fire; he looked very different in his ensemble; more casual and a little bit sexier. She was lost in the pool of his eyes.
His eyes travelled from her well shaped brows to her succulent lips and her neck; she wore a green shirt on a pair of tight pants that revealed her neat little hips; her b—–s seemed bigger than before and he couldn’t help but imagine what was underneath.
‘So, that’s the list of things you would be doing today’ he managed to focus. What was she doing to him?
‘Oh’ Amanda stuttered as she recovered from their locking gaze.
Her lashes fluttered at first, maybe she had not read it well; how was she able to do all these in one day?
‘But sir, I know nothing about bunnies’ she stuttered, her first duty was buying him a bunny and looking after it; once she was done, she would go over to his house and clean it up and a ton of other irrelevant things; things that were not related to her job.
‘You are my Personal assistant Ms. Atkins, I need that bunny today, now run along, can you drive’? He asked.
‘Yes’ she nodded. What did he take her for? She wasn’t a pet sitter or a house cleaner? Why did she have this feeling that he still hated her even after she had dyed her hair.
‘Here, the keys to my car, so run along’ he replied and buried his face into the files before him.
‘Okay’ Amanda replied smugly.
‘Oh and Ms. Atkins, empty that trash bin’ he ordered.
As she fetched the little trash basket, her heart sank once she realized the pistachio nuts she had bought him was in there. Greg Beecroft really hated her; was he paying her for slapping him back at the club?



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