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EP 33

Oh, sorry about that’ Morgan almost bumped into her.
‘What was that about? And why is her hair black? Did you tell her to change it’? Morgan eyed his friend suspiciously.
‘No, why would I do something like that? Her hair, her business’ Greg replied.

‘Cool, so what’s up, you said you wanted to see me’ Morgan pulled a chair and settled in.
‘I have a plan that could help me get out of my father’s cage’ Greg was hopeful this would work out.
‘Um, first, remember we were supposed to hang out next weekend’? Morgan raised a finger and Greg paused.
‘Yea’ Greg nodded.

‘Let’s do it this weekend’ Morgan replied. He still felt bad for ending things with Alex and that was getting into the way of his work and other facets of his life; a hang out at the lounge wouldn’t hurt, it was the magic he needed to get over her.
‘Okay, so, I want you to go over Nathan’s profile, his accounts, records, just check if you can find anything dirty; I have a feeling he conspired with my father against me’ Greg asked.
‘Are you asking me to spy on your brother’? Morgan asked.
‘Not like that, you know they tricked me into signing the papers’…
‘No, you weren’t tricked, you just failed to read the content’ Morgan reminded him.
‘Okay, I accept that all these is my fault but you need to help me Morgan; I can’t win this battle on my own; please’ Greg pleaded.
Morgan had been friends with Greg since their teenage days; Greg was the nicest person he’d ever known and he was going to help him out. He was good at internet stalking.
‘I’m on it’ Morgan replied.
‘Thanks man’ Greg felt relieved.
‘Always’ Morgan replied and walked out of the office.
‘That’s that’ Greg sighed.

He couldn’t wait to see the look on his father’s face once he realized that his own plans had backfired on him.
‘Good morning, Mr. Beecroft’ Gwen sauntered in.
‘Gwen, did you see Wendy around here’? He asked. Now he thought about it, it couldn’t have been Wendy that had sent the nuts, she had a doctor’s appointment that morning.
‘No, why’? Gwen raised her brow.
‘Um, I walked in here and found pistachio nuts on the table, you know how much I like to eat that’ Greg replied.
‘Oh no, you think Wendy brought that? Was that why you threw it in the trash bin’? Gwen blurted out then regretted it immediately. Was her boss having a problem with his girlfriend?
‘So it is not Wendy’ Greg murmured.
‘No. Amanda did’ Gwen replied. She had seen the hurt that had been sprawled on her face; her pistachio had been stashed in the trash basket.
‘Oh, how did she know I liked that’? Greg felt slightly guilty for throwing the nuts away, he hoped she wouldn’t take it personal.
‘I am not supposed to say this, but you are still acting like she is Holly but she is not, Amanda is a different person and I promise that you wouldn’t regret hiring her’ Gwen was confident.
‘Really? You two are that close’? Greg was suddenly curious to know more about her, he decided to use tact.
‘Yes’ Gwen nodded.
‘So, why did she bring me the nuts’?
‘She feels that you don’t like her, you aren’t comfortable and that’s why she’s trying everything possible to feel accepted’ Gwen explained.
It was all making sense now ‘Wait, was this why she dyed her hair black? Because I remember telling Morgan I didn’t want a blue eyed blonde’ Greg rose to his feet.
‘Yes’ Gwen replied with a smile.
This new set of revelation made him feel like a devil; well, he didn’t want to spend a lot of time around her for both of their sakes; but giving her such a long list was uncalled for.
‘I need to call her’ he reached out for her resume. He had to fix this and make everything right.
He realized that they both had not spoken of the night at the club and he hoped to clear the air; she may feel the list he’s given her was related to her slapping him; but that wasn’t it at all.

He didn’t hate her, no, he was drawn to her. He didn’t resent her, he was curious about her and that was what scared him. He had never felt so drawn to anyone like that before; the attraction he felt for her was beyond his control and that was why he gave her such a long list.
He was avoiding her.
‘Oops’ he threw the resume down on the table as Wendy was calling.
‘I have to take this’ he whispered and Gwen rushed out of the office.
‘Hello Baby’ he placed the phone against his ear, Wendy was calling.
‘Honey, I need you now more than ever’ her voice was broken, shaky; it was filled with fear.
‘Really? What happened’?
‘Our baby is in danger, my gynecologist would like to see you’ Wendy replied.
‘Okay, I am on my way’ Greg dialed his driver’s number. He had given his car to Amanda, he still needed a means to get to the hospital.



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