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EP 36

The ride back to the office had been awfully quiet; Greg couldn’t regain from the shock of her kissing another man, his brother.

He had sent her on an errand and she had spent the whole day hanging out with her lover.
He felt jealous for no reason; he questioned his own heart, but there weren’t any answers.
‘I am really sorry sir, it’s not what you think; I found it difficult to get a brown chinchilla, that’s what killed my time the whole day’ Amanda broke the silence with another round of explanation.
Greg said nothing to her; he still wondered why her kissing another affected him that much.
‘Keep the bunny’ those were the last words he spoke to her before leaving the car.
He realized that he felt pained someone was able to have free access to those lips he craved for yet could never have.

He could never have her; she was his employee and that rule as never going to change.
There was only one way to end this all; he didn’t understand himself anymore and everything begun when Amanda had walked into his office.
‘Sir…’ she rushed after him with the caged bunny.
‘Here’s your change’ she handed him some dollar notes.
‘Keep the change and don’t ever come back here’ Greg said in a cold stone, he walked briskly towards his office, afraid that he may change his mind but that was the best thing to do.
He had many battles to fight; he had a lot of things on his plate; a distraction like Amanda was what he needed least.
‘I don’t understand’ tears welled up in her eyes as she watched him walk away.
It didn’t hurt her that she had just been fired; it hurt her that his voice was so cold; that his eyes were so distant; and that she was completely unnoticed in his world.
It was just like a bad dream that Greg had fired her; so many thoughts ran through her mind; was it because he found Nathan kissing her? or was it because she had bought a white bunny instead of a brown one?
‘Mandy, are you okay’? Her mother noticed she was picking her food, bit by bit.
‘I am fine Mom, I need to go see Alex, I’ll be back soon’ she pushed her plate aside as she had no appetite.
‘Alright, be good’ her mother beckoned her for a kiss.
It hurt so much that Greg’s hatred would spur him to fire her; it was worse because she had grown to like him.
First, he’d stashed her nuts in a trash basket, given her a long list to work with and now he’d fired her.
‘Knock, knock’ she rapped on Alex’s door.

Her mind went back to the date with Nathan and she summed it as the worst date ever; the guy was creepy and she decided she didn’t want anything to do with him.
‘Come on in’ Alex welcomed her in.
‘Okay, join me’ she had been busy with a lot of ice cream.
‘Alex…is this about…’ Amanda was sure she was eating a lot of ice cream because of the break up.
‘It’s okay, you can say his name’ Alex encouraged her and she did: ‘Morgan’?
‘I thought it would be so easy to get over him at first, but now, I can’t go through my day without thinking about him’ her voice cracked and fresh tears rushed down her cheeks.
Amanda was really curious as to why Alex broke up with Morgan, but she decided that was not her call.
‘So enough about me, you don’t look fine, is your mum okay’? Alex asked, concern written all over her face.
‘Um, yea she is’ her eyes brimmed.
‘Mandy? It’s okay you can tell me everything’ Alex squeezed her hands.
‘Greg fired me’! she yelled and burst into tears.
‘Wait, that’s not possible, you only just started working with him, tell me, what really happened’? Alex was baffled.
Greg couldn’t fire her; she had sacrificed her relationship so Amanda could have this job; now she had lost it, it meant she had broken up on Morgan for nothing.
‘I don’t know Alex, but he caught I and Nathan kissing and maybe that pissed him off because it was during work hours’.
‘You kissed Nathan’? Alex didn’t see that one coming.
‘More like he kissed me, he forced his lips on me; that is the worst date ever’ she narrated her ordeal with the green eyed freak.
Alex couldn’t help but laugh, Nathan had seemed so charming and filled with promise, but hearing about the forced kiss thing, she wasn’t really thrilled about him anymore and decided to warn her friend.
‘Stay away, sounds like a creep to me’ Alex warned.
‘I don’t know what to do, he gave me such a long list to work with, and I could only achieve one thing on it; he stashed the pistachio nuts into a trash basket; he didn’t even noticed my new hair color’ tears rushed down her face.
Her ego was bruised; he’d humiliated her; raised her hope and crashed it.

She felt nervous as she thought of all the bills she had to pay, where would she start from now?
‘You know, it’s really hard to believe that same guy apologized for sending me and obscene note; he’d seemed so sweet, turns out he is a real monster’ Amanda said, with her heart tingling in an odd way as she thought about him.
‘I don’t know what to make out of all these’ Alex sighed, she was a bit scared though, had Morgan told Greg the truth? That Amanda never apologized? Was this the reason he was acting up?
‘And I really liked that job, made a new friend. I feel so hurt and scared’ Amanda’s blue eyes narrated all her pain.
‘It’s okay, I’ll make sure you have your job back’ Alex patted her shoulder.
She was going to see Morgan’ talk to him; beg him. Hell, she could even locate Greg himself but first she needed to make sure that her friend was okay.
‘How do you plan to do that? The way I see it, Greg is a strong willed person; I just wished he’d told me the reason he was firing me, and you know what? He gave me the bunny? Who does that’? She threw her hands in the air.
‘Wow, that’s beautiful’ Alex couldn’t help but smile as she stared at the picture of the bunny.
‘What’s her name’? She asked.
‘Lucy, mum is taking care of her; she absolutely adores Lucy’ Amanda smiled.
As they were still speaking, her phone buzzed and she fetched it.
‘What’s that’? Alex noticed her stunned expression.
‘Greg just gave me a lot of money, this would definitely last me for more than six months, I don’t understand why he is doing this’ Amanda gave Alex the phone.
‘Seriously? That’s a whole lot, it should be your salary’ Alex was sure of this.
‘Still, it’s too much; this is like a pity party and I hate pity. I don’t really get him’ Amanda threw the phone on the bed and decided the first thing she would do when morning came was to match into his office and give him a piece of her mind.



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