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EP 40

Greg had spoken with his father briefly about Nathan’s complains; he had responded by telling his dad how Nathan barged into his house and accosted him; it was not his fault but Nathan’s.

His father still blamed him for hitting Nathan and had accused him of taking drugs; that did it, that accusation was the most hurting and had grossly affected his partying mood.
He had withdrawn to the separated area with a hedge of flowers; he had come there to sit alone; to think of the next action to take but he was surprised to see someone there.
He had wanted to take off his mask but he had decided to keep it.
‘Hello sexy’ his eyes ran over the hot brunette briefly, this was the distraction that he needed.
‘Hello handsome’ she replied in a sultry voice.

There was a fire between them as they stared into each other’s eyes from their masks; silently weighing their options; kicking their thoughts.
Her eyes were blue, he noticed. It reminded him of Amanda’s eyes.
His eyes were brown, seductive, calling, it reminded her of Greg’s eyes.
What if she took this moment and lost herself in it? What if she lived out her fantasy right there?
To be honest, she knew she could never have a man like Greg; he had already pointed that out clearly; all she needed was a substitute.
She had taken a little wine and for the first time; she felt slightly lightheaded and very bold as she ran her fingers on her bare chest.
‘Come on here and kiss me’ she called to the stranger.
‘Are you sure you really want that’? Greg was hesitant, he felt like kissing her pink lips right from the time he met her; everything about this brunette spoke of Amanda but maybe he was being paranoid.
‘I am sure darling’ she drawled.
He moved towards her and took her delicate lips in his mouth; their softness was impeccable, almost unbeatable; her mouth was a sea of fruits and flowers; he delved in his tongue and deepened the kiss.
Amanda loved the taste of his mouth; she imagined Greg kissing her in a field of flowers; she loved the way this stranger kissed her and this was her first kiss with any man.
She felt a sweet ache in her belly and her legs felt like jelly.
Blood rushed to his veins; he felt like doing more, making love to this hot brunette, right in this field of flowers; maybe this was the only way to get over Amanda forever. He didn’t need any distraction.

He broke the kiss and she was startled; why did he stop the dance that gave her so much pleasure; but he didn’t, he was about to unleash raw passion on her.
His lips moved to her earlobes and took them; ripples of pleasure coursed through her body as he licked her earlobes; she had never felt this sort of sensation before. It was oddly sweet and she liked it, she craved for more.
‘I want to make love to you’ Greg murmured.
‘Yes. Yes’ Amanda whispered in a rush, she imagined Greg asking her this same question.
‘Good’ Greg replied and was about to take off his mask but she stopped him.
‘I prefer it this way’ Amanda held his hands. She wanted him to appear as Greg and if he took the mask off, she would be faced with reality. No, she didn’t want reality tonight, she preferred her world of fantasy.
Greg took off his shirt; his hands scooped her b—–s and squeezed it gently.

Amanda was amazed by his beautiful body; she ran her fingers all over his chest. Her lips parted into a moan as the stranger caressed her b—–s.
‘Take off your clothes’ he commanded.
She rose to her feet and peeled the orange dress from her body; she was nervous and afraid, this was going to be the first time for her.
He gasped at the perfection of her body; her b—–s were firm and perky; her skin was creamy; she was incredibly sexy with a pair of fine legs.
Slowly, his hands unclasped her bra and her boobs fell free; immediately, he took one swollen n—-e into his mouth and s—-d it.

Amanda couldn’t help but moan; she had never felt this kind of pleasure before; his free hand rubbed her back and gave her hips a squeeze and then he peeled her pants and slipped a finger into her. A finger into her core.
‘Aw…’ she moaned as his finger found her wet and ready at that sweet place.
He was awed by the reception her body had given to him; he rubbed her knob and ran her juices over it. His rod grew in strength as she begun to moan and twirl her hips.
‘You’re killing me’ Amanda whispered.
‘Honey, I have not started’ Greg paused and released his rod from the shorts he wore.
Her eyes grew wide as she stared at the hard and large pink rod; she licked her lips nervously and waited for the next action.
Slowly Greg lay her on the cool grass; he gave her one slow and long kiss; and then parted her legs.
‘Are you sure you want to do this’? He still needed to be sure.
‘Yes’ Amanda replied, what was the point of waiting?
He held his rod and directed it into the opening of her sugar well; she gasped at the pleasure she felt and then something happened. Everything changed. Pleasure became pain and passion became darkness.
Greg had begun to ride her when he felt an obstruction ‘You are a virgin’?
‘Yes, please continue’ she groaned, it was painful but she would bear it to the end. She yearned for this experience.
With all the strength he had in him; he dived in and out of her; he groaned as her tightness clasped his rod firmly and sent pleasure through his spine.
It was a beautiful sight of two naked bodies in a garden; making love under the full glare of a thousand stars and one majestic moon.
Amanda’s groan heightened as the pain was quickly replaced with maddening pleasure; this was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted.
He increased his pace as he noticed she was about to release; together they moaned; together they found their place on the apex of the pleasure mountain; together they released.
‘Greg’ that was the name that escaped her lips as she came.
He was immersed in pleasure but he wasn’t deaf. Did she call his name?
‘Take off your mask’ he begun to untie the ropes that bound his’.
Amanda noticed a change in him; she obeyed nevertheless.
As their masks both came off; their eyes were glued to each other.
Tears welled up in Amanda’s eyes as she realized her fantasies had come to life; Greg had made love to her! He had taken her virginity.
‘Amanda’? Greg was stunned. How could he have not known?
‘I love you Greg, I’ve always wanted this’ she reached out to stroke his face but he stopped her and rose to his feet.
‘What is it’? She swallowed and slipped into her dress.
‘I am sorry Amanda, this was a mistake’ Greg fetched his phone and hurried away from her, he had chosen Wendy and there was no turning back.
He needed to fix a date for his marriage to Wendy; he had failed her this once, he wouldn’t do it again. He would get married to her on his thirty first birthday.
‘No,it’s not’ her voice was shaky, still unsure of what had happened but the echo of his voice wouldn’t let her be.
“I am sorry Amanda, this was a mistake”.



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