NEW 9JA STORY: August Business Retreat [EP 12]


EP 12

After the CEO had thanked everybody present, commending the effort put in by various groups including the ladies in his crew, he curiously digressed a massive bit.

“I would particularly thank my ladies differently…” he continued “…at least for what I call corporate sassiness. Please can we give them a round of applause…”

We all took a brief moment to clap for the girls on her crew even though I wasn’t sure what for.

“Thank you…thank you all….” he resumed after the applause had died down. “I really love it when our ladies have the sparkle. The corporate sparkle! It drives me nuts!”

I still couldn’t get what he was talking about and I assume many people didn’t also get it either.

“I love how you ladies look today. This is what I have always asked from all of you! That energy and vivacity! I have always wanted it to show in all you do and of course how you dress to work! Just look at yourselves…..”

We all looked around, including myself.

“Aren’t we beautiful today?!” he asked after
“WE ARE!!” echoed the excited hall
“Another applause please! For yourselves!….”

We all clapped!

“I want to really thank you all. You look very attractive…in fact, very sxy*! My wife would become jealous if she were to come in here…”
The hall laughed.

“Yea…she would.” he was beaming too. “I was particularly pleased with Rosemary yesterday…”

We all went calm at the mention of her name and waited to hear what he was going to say about her
“…she was just amazing! She taught us how to be the ‘corporate desirable’! No one who had seen her yesterday, wouldn’t want to follow her to wherever she was going to! That is part of the strategy for both the men and the women! Be the first attraction! Be the corporate s£duct!on to our clients! Ladies show some b0s0m and thighs! Show some flesh! And guys, show some abs, packs and bulges! Of course, the ladies love it big so show them you have it big!…”
By this time, the entire hall had already gone crazy, laughing and reechoing all the CEO was saying! Anthony’s fingers were now straining themselves to reach my cunt opening! They had already scrapped my cl!t severally, binging me electrifying s£nsat!ons at every touch! My terribly drenched mound was only making his rather slippery ambition a lot easier!

Anthony’s fingers were now straining themselves to reach my cunt opening
“…so may this long continue! We have a strategy. A plan. And part of that plan is to always be the first point of attraction. When we dress and act the way we are doing today, then the clients will come! Ms. Rosemary our ever radiant Branch Manager at our Port Harcourt office, showed us that yesterday. And she is still showing us that today!…”

All eyes turned to the lady who was happily beaming from ear to ear.

“Please can you stand for all to see madam?” quickly instructed the CEO “Don’t you love her dress?”
“WE DO!” was the response that followed, with the men in the room forming the greater of those who replied.

“Of course you would. With all that flesh, nobody would ever not want to meet and know her. And that includes our clients. You can now sit down, my beauty.”

I watched as her Unclad butt0ckz globes parted (revealing her K!ttyC@t briefly) and came back together under her fishnet-looking dress, as she bent to sit! It should definitely be a mind-blowing sight for the guys!

The CEO continued. “I have prepared the Head of Statistics to address us in this session. She will be giving us a rundown of the company’s newest goals as well as other growth plans we intend to pursue in the coming year. She is one of my finest staff and I am very pleased with her outfit today…”

All eyes turned to the lady in question.

“…in fact, she gave me a couple of hard-on’s if I must admit…”

“AAAW WWW…..”, came the bawl from the stunned audience before deafening laughter followed! It was obvious everyone was enjoying the moment. At least for once, a K!ttyC@t-moistening compliment was finally passed on to the beautiful Ms. Dami.
“…She looks tempting frankly. Anyway, may I welcome to this place, Ms. Dami Akintola! A round of applause please.”
All hands began clapping as Ms. Dami left her seat and started walking towards the stage.

But somehow, each time she passed a particular table, the occupants would abruptly slow down in their applause and begin to look at her backside in obvious curiosity! I couldn’t know why until she eventually got to the stage and turned her back on us while picking the microphone from the CEO. That was when I saw the obvious point of attraction, for right behind her and just mid-way into her butt0ckz, there was this massive patch of dampness! Knowing how the last half-hour or so had gone, it was quite easy to suspect what had brought the wet spot behind her gown! Without doubt, Ms. Dami had been creaming herself all this while and it was quite obvious not wearing a p@nty had allowed her juices to run onto her gown! I was already scared I was likely going to be suffering same fate soon since I wasn’t wearing any p@anties either! Moreover, Anthony’s forefinger had now reached my slit and he had begun running the very moist finger up and down the drenched passage for a while now! My juices in turn kept running in streams and I began perceiving myself at some point! In fact, as soon as I saw the dampness behind Dami’s gown, I sipped another stream of my own Pour into my shaking thighs! Anthony must have felt it because he increased the intensity with which he was earlier rubbing my slit! He seemed to also love what he was seeing behind Ms. Dami because he hardly took away his eyes from the young lady’s backside! Of course, the lady had now collected the mic from the CEO who hugged her tightly before giving her a peck in the mouth!

“Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to stand before you…” she began saying in a very lovely voice.

She was now facing us while backing members of her team who were actually behind her. And I was sure the CEO and the Vice must have seen the damp patch now because they both leaned into each other, talking briefly while openly starring at the young woman’s butt0ckz!
“I would love to use the nest few hours to discuss the new goals the organization has set for itself…” she continued. She was going to walking around as she spoke and what a blessing it was going to be for the men! Her butt0ckz was already a big one and did gyrate at every of her steps so it was only added bliss anytime the damp spot on the jiggling butt0ckz came into view!

Her butt0ckz was already a big one…



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