NEW 9JA STORY: August Business Retreat [EP 13]


EP 13

Even her front-side had an attraction to it too! She was one of the Abuja girls who were struggling with their tops and it was very blatant how she was even doing her best to keep her sprawling b0s0m within her dress! She was equally blessed in the tits department and as she began walking around talking, she had to occasionally pull up the neck of her gown to keep the braless mamarries from spilling out!

With all those goodies on her, I just couldn’t understand why nobody was making the moves on her. Even my own Anthony looked trapped because he soon reduced the tempo under my gown! I had to occasionally pull his hand further in to get him to continue what he had started.

That did quite little though since he kept trailing Dami’s backside as she addressed us!

Moreover given that more than 95% of the room had their eyes on the beautiful Head of Statistics, it was difficult to blame Anthony. After all he was human and secondly a man. And it wasn’t as if the lady was talking nonsense. She was indeed making some vital points. She initially spoke about the company’s expansion plans. She said the company had the intension to establish two new branches across the three quarters of the following year. One was going to be in either Kano or Kaduna while the other will be in Kogi.

A heavy applause followed the revelation. It was surely a good step forward after all. She also mentioned that the management had tabled out a three-point focus for the next business-year.

The first was Improved Customer Service, while the second and third were Technology and Human Resource Investments, respectively.

She revealed that a contract had been agreed with a firm in Lagos who would upgrade the existing office technology across the branches.

According to her, the Head Office was already enjoying some of these newest technologies, such as Data Tracking, Data Simulation and Virtual Reading Technology. It sounded very cool and the audience often showed appreciation of the company’s efforts by duly clapping at every revelation.

It was while she began explaining that the organization also intends to recruit a new batch of staff, that the unexpected happened! Her left Tip suddenly popped out of her low-cut neckline!

And all to everybody’s amazement! For a moment people stopped nodding and echoing her words as all eyes got drawn to the exposed black Tip! It was indeed long and her areola was quite wide; covering a greater portion of the part of her boob that became visible!
It was equally as though she wasn’t aware of this so went about her presentation without concerns! It was obvious what most people were more interested in, so they all kept their eyes on her burst line as she went about her speech!

Even Anthony couldn’t bear the unplanned s£duct!on anymore and had to suddenly nudge my wet thighs wider apart in order to get better access into my moist K!ttyC@t! And as soon as he did, he slid a thumb in! It was incredibly absorbing and I instantly clamped my thighs into his hand! The s£nsat!on was unbearable and my K!ttyC@t juices couldn’t just stop running! In fact, I began feeling my fluids flood the underside of my lower thighs, indicating that the leather seat I was sitting on was already drenched! It only got worse when he tried Bleeping me gently with his thumb and I had to stretch a hand to grab his J0yst!ck in return!



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