NEW 9JA STORY: August Business Retreat [EP 16]


EP 16

I smiled at him and opened up my hands for an embrace. He looked like he was on top of the world as he hurriedly hugged me, bringing his mouth to mine. I only let him kiss me for a couple moments before letting go and then as he went for my b0s0m again, I grabbed onto his J0yst!ck!

He was impressively huge moreover and I gave his manhood a good rub and sq££ze! We both laughed out very loudly at the rather silly drama playing out!

Since Anthony wasn’t in the hall, it wasn’t anybody’s fault that I had to give the entertainment to someone else. At least for a good four minutes or so, the hall remained rowdy with everybody hugging, kissing, squeezing and inserting things! It was until the moderator called for us to sit, that anything resembling sanity returned to the meeting!

“We have to go now people.” he subsequently said, still grinning and sweating. “We have had a wonderful day. Or haven’t we?”
“WE HAVE!! WE HAVE….!!” was the reply he got.

Someone even screamed from within the audience that she loved him very much! That too, attracted some laughter that lasted a few more seconds.

“I love you too baby! Make sure you meet me after the meeting, I would love to know you. As for now, we will be going. The games will be coming up tomorrow and we would want you to be ready for it. We have had a wonderful one today and I promise you that that of tomorrow will be extraordinary! So we meet here 10am tomorrow for our games. And be on your casuals! Thank you very much ladies and gents.

Till tomorrow, shall we?!”

The hall chorused their own thank you and broke into another rowdy session of talking and laughing people!

I had nobody to talk to except for my colleagues who I managed to have a few words with thereafter. I was basically in a hurry again to return to my room given the rather embarrassing wet patch that was behind my gown! But that wasn’t going to happen if I didn’t quickly pee. So I hurriedly began sprinting towards the restroom to pass some urine. Luckily enough, both of the female cubicles were free and I easily got into one. It was quite a rush of hot urine as I had been incredibly tensed all this while in the hall. And when I was done, I cleaned myself with a piece of toilet papers, before getting back on my feet. However, I was only astounded when I stepped into the general lobby, only to find Anthony at the men’s end of the restroom trying to return the biggest J0yst!ck I had ever seen back into his trousers!

For a good 30seconds I remained fixed to a spot staring blankly into his slightly dangling manhood! He was knocked out too because he equally remained still, holding his J0yst!ck in hand and without doing anything else! I just couldn’t understand if he had been there all the while I was looking out for him or he was just getting there! But I so wished I could walk up to him and follow him back into his cubicle right away! While I desired it so much, I just couldn’t get to do it.

I only just straightened out my gown and after giving his J0yst!ck one more glance, began walking away and back into the hall. I was definitely going back to my room to give myself some attention; for my K!ttyC@t had just begun running more juices, once again!



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