NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 32]


EP 32

Nike simply nodded with her gaze directed at him. She wanted him to just go. She really did, but it seemed like her mouth was against that wish.

‘’Deji please wait. ‘’ she instructed not knowing why she did that.

Now Deji was facing her, expecting her to say something next. She hesitated, then said, ‘’can you please help me on how to get information on credit cards?’’

As he came close, Nike moved to the nearby seat while Deji occupied hers. He actually did what she requested, unaware she was just staring at the monitor screen but her mind was far away.

Deji’s presence had always tormented her.

Penetrated her. She tried to fight it but came second. She tried to deny the fact that the olfactory s£nsat!on of his cologne was affecting her breathing but the attempt was unsuccessful. Just as she was about to place her left hand on Deji’s hand that was busy moving the mouse pad up and down like what was happening to her didn’t matter, Deji stood up and announced.

‘’Go through this pdf, that’s all you need to know about Royal Credit Cards.” He tried to look at her but was quick turn her gaze the other side. ”Good night.’’ He said as he rose from the chair.

She barely nodded and made an incomprehensible comment that even she could not understand.



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