NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 48]


EP 48

Deji had called Mrs Williams immediately he got to Lagos. She had told him she was in Abuja and will inform him when she arrives. He didn’t want to talk to Nike on his own, he thought it was wiser to allow Kola’s mother do the talking after he must have filled Mrs Williams the details.

He had took the responsibility to bring Nike to Ife, by convincing the High Chiefs not to worry about the road trip to the Centre of Excellence.

What would Nike do when she finds out about the title? She was from one of Ruling Houses and she never knew about it. Deji was shocked when Ifarotimi did a further consultation and broke the news to the assembly.

He was in his living room lost in thought, but was brought back to reality by his valet’s voice. ‘’I need to talk to you about something important.’’

Not looking up at this valet, he said ‘’not now, Aremu. I have a lot on my mind right now.’’

‘’You really need to hear this now before it’s too late.’’ Aremu added.

‘’No. Not now’’
‘’it’s about Nike.’’

Deji looked Aremu directly in the eyes and demanded, ‘’what about her?’’
Aremu hesitated, looking worried.

‘’Speak up, Aremu. What is it?’’
Aremu went on to tell him about the whole setup.
How he was threatened by the then Queen to be sent away from the palace if he hadn’t carried out the plan. How he had told Nike that Deji wanted to meet her at an uncompleted building beside Lagere market and how he had arranged for Adigun, a long time Nike’s suitor to be at the building at that same time



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