NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 51]


EP 51

“Peter Brian?’’ Mrs Williams asked surprisingly.

‘’Yes, mother. The same Peter Brian.’’ Kola said.

‘’What does he have to do with this?’’ She asked again with her eyes searching.
Kola had a quizzical expression on. ‘’They’ve being seeing each other.’’

‘’Oh, really?’’
‘’Yes, mother,’’ Her son responded with a look as if to say ’wasn’t that your plan?’

“Now where can we find him? I have a feeling they’re together.’’ Deji asked again, starring directly at his
friend’s mother.

‘’Slot,’’ she simply said.

The two men head for the stairs.

‘’Are you guys going without me?’’ she protested.

‘’Yes mother. You need to be here in case she comes back home.’’ Kola replied over his shoulder.

Stepping into Slot Systems Ltd, the duo asked for the manager and their were directed to Wale Chinedu.

Kola was expecting to see Peter Brian since his mother had introduced him as the Manager the last time.

Deji wasn’t surprised at all, he never believed Peter.

A lot of faces recognized Deji and he exchanged pleasantries with them. Immediately Wale knew Deji was the Manager at Royal Bank, the miraculous N450k came to his mind.

He thought that was Deji and his partner.
He ushered them into his office for privacy.
He didn’t want anything to halt the smooth going of the business that afternoon.

Wale did all he could to cover for his friend.

He explained he was the assistant manager at the company.

Deji asked where they could find him as they believed Nike was with him.

Wale tried Peter’s line severally but couldn’t reach him. He led the duo to his house after they assured him they didn’t want any trouble. Nike’s safety was all they cared about.

They were crowd at the entrance gate.
Wale became suspicious, so was his company.
As they made their way through the crowd to the gate they saw two men in the uniform of the Nigerian Police Force. In their middle was Peter Brian, handcuffed.

Kola sighted his cousin talking with another police man and immediately rushed to embrace her.

It appeared the influential ex-commissioner had made few calls that tracked Peter down, timely.

Deji, Kola and Nike entered Deji’s car, and headed home.

Peter was helped into the cop’s car that headed for the station. He was going to be charged for kidnapping and
he knew it.



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