NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 56]


EP 56

He paused and moved closer to Nike who was now resting her head on her arms which were placed on the balustrade. Tears rolling down her cheek.

She raised up head. ‘’I helped my mother with her plantain chips business. I had to hawk several times,
although she didn’t want me to. I needed to help her in order to raise some money for me to continue my studies.

Going to the university was my dream. I had to do all I could to make it happen.

Things were worse when I lost my mother. ’’
‘’Your mother. What happened to her?
You didn’t have any one back then except her.
How did you cope after you lost her?’’

‘’She suffered from cancer. We had no money to continue treating her. ‘’ she sobbed.
Her expression clouded with sadness at the memory of that time. Deji’s eyes was now filled with tears. He could no
longer control it.

‘’Few days before my mother gave up the ghost she saw Mrs Williams on the T.V, then she was still the Commissioner of Women affairs in Lagos. She told me was her twin sister. No doubt.
They looked so much alike. I did all I could to get in contact with her, maybe she could have helped with mother’s condition. The effort was fruitless.
I only got to meet her few months ago. She was shocked when she saw my mother’s picture.’’

“I’m so sorry for all that you have went through. I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I wish you can forgive me.’’’

‘’There’s a lot to forgive.’’

’I know.’’ He suspired. ‘’I’ve never been able to love any woman after you.
My mother figured it out, that was the reason she set me up with Theresa…’’ He paused and continued, ‘’…Theresa have been trying to keep up with me, but I knew she can’t continue to do that for long. Though I’ve tried to hide it, but the Unclad truth is I’m stuck in love with you. ‘’ He said, meaning every single word.

Nike took a deep breath. Her gaze fixed on her first love. She could swear never to have seen him look this defeated. The reflex motion of her eyebrows revealed her surprise.

‘’I know you don’t have to feel the same way, not after all this time. You still need to hear it from me.’’ He made a motion to leave the balcony, but before he could vanish from her presence, she spoke up.

‘’Deji, please wait.’’ She said and walked towards him. ‘’I never thought this day would come, that you’ll realize how wrong you’ve been about me. It’s better later than never. The truth is I’ve never stopped loving you either. Matter-of-factly, I don’t want to be a queen if you, Adedeji, are not my king.’’ She confessed.

He pulled her close to him. They kissed like royals for several minutes. After breaking the kiss, she asked with a grimace of joy, ‘’when are we going to Ife, my love?’’

‘’Whenever you’re ready, Queen. But first, there is someone we need to see.’’



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