EP 06

Becky still in shock over hearing the death of Cleo, sat on the stair case leading to her bedroom and was drinking a wine. Many thoughts went through her mind, people would think she was the one who assassinated Cleo her friend, she agreed that she threatened her and that what Cleo did to her was worth killing her but she didn’t, even though she had planned on doing so.

She stood up as she heard a knock on the door, she opened and it was Brenda, she was relived, she thought it was the police. ‘Becky, why did you go this far, why did you have to allow law into your hands” Brenda asked as she closed the door behind her. “Wait oh, I don’t get you, I mean, I don’t understand what you are saying” Becky replied in a surprised face. “Oh please, don’t give me that look, stop pretending, I know you very well, I know you can use your money and power to get anything you want, but not killing your friend” Brenda said.
“Please, please, hold it there, she is not my friend and I didn’t kill her, I didn’t kill Cleo, I wasn’t the one, why can’t somebody just believe me for once, Oh God” Becky screamed. “And who do you intend to tell that story to, that you didn’t kill Cleo? Who? Anyway, I came here to tell you that if you know what is good for you, know what is good for your life, you better be on the run because Cleo’s murder is undergoing serious investigations. I would advise you leave here, in fact fly out of this country before someone else points out to you and then you will be in jail and am sure you know the sentence of those who Kill” Brenda said walking to the bar.

“Brenda, you have known me for several years even long before we met Cleo at the club. We just met this girl two years ago, yes we knew she was married but we never met her husband, we never knew George was her husband, that’s because he seems to be a busy person and not always at home when we go visiting. Even though, she never even told us his name. If nobody trusts me, Brenda you should, I didn’t kill Cleo, I didn’t send anyone to kill her, maybe she offended someone else and they killed her but not me, believe me. I swear to almighty God.”Becky said in tears.

“Okay, okay, I believe you, but that doesn’t change the fact that you should be on the run, in fact the race should be more than 440. I dey tell you” Brenda said.

“Why should I run when I didn’t commit any crime, I am going nowhere, let them come and meet me here” Becky said and hissed.

Few hours later*
Brenda and Becky decided to go and eat out for dinner. They chatted and were laughing as they walked to the car parked in the garage. Suddenly two men came into the compound and walked to them. “Hello, how can we help you, who are you?” Brenda asked the men. “We are from the state police command (they showed their ID Cards) we are looking for Miss Becky Ada Phillips.

Brenda and Becky looked at themselves with surprise. “Ehen what for? What does the police want with her? Brenda asked again. “She is wanted present for questioning at the station regarding the death of one Mrs Cleo” one of them replied.

We see, anyway the Miss Becky you are looking for, doesn’t live here, maybe you should check the next compound” Brenda replied them. “Oh My God, Brenda stop, stop it. I am sorry police officers, I am Miss Becky, you said am needed for questioning? She asked them. Yes you are” they replied. Okay no problem, we will be at the station shortly. “No ma, you have to come with us immediately” one of the men replied.

“Alright let’s go’ she said to the officers. Brenda have fun, I would be back” Becky said and walked away with the men.

“This girl dey craze oh, have fun ke, I am behind you. Brenda entered the car and drove behind them to the station.


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