EP 07

Becky got to the station and was being interrogated by one of the police officers. “Miss Becky, we are aware of the grief you hold for Cleo and we know that you are capable of getting hold of what you want whenever you want it. So tell us the truth, you killed her right?.

“I don’t know what you people are talking about, I don’t have anything to do with Cleo’s death. I am innocent” Becky replied in fear. “And why should we believe you? Do you have any proof that you are innocent” the man asked. She tried to convince them that she was innocent, but no one seems to believe her. After several hours of interrogation and trying to get the truth from her, she was released to go home and placed under close watch.

She sat on her stair case in her compound and pondering on her next move and why no one believes her, a strange shadow showed up beside her. “Who is there, is anyone there?” she stood up and checked round and saw no one. She heard footsteps. She asked who was there again, but all she kept hearing was the loud beat her heart was producing out of fear. “Maybe the people who killed Cleo is after me as well” she thought to herself.

She went into the house and kept hearing objects moving. She was so scared. She ran out of the house again. Something was after her.
She quickly placed a call to Brenda. “Brenda are you there? She said over the phone. “Becky why are you breathing fast, are you okay? Brenda asked. Before Becky could say anything else, someone snatched her phone from behind her and threw it over the fence. Fear gripped her more than ever. She has never come in contact with so much fear before. The man in black held her hand and bent it over.

“So, you killed Cleo, you killed my wife and you think I wouldn’t come for you?” the man said.

She knew the voice, she knew it was George. George, oh my God, you are back, why did you leave me like that, why did you leave me like that, George; after all we shared together. She said to George in tears. “I didn’t come here to talk nonsense, I need my wife, I need Cleopatra back in my life, it is practically empty without her, why did you kill her? George asked her as he held her hand so tight.

“I didn’t kill her, George believe me, I am innocent of this accusations, everyone is pointing fingers at me, why? Do I look like a killer? George I know I loved you and I still love you and it hurts me so much to see that you were deceiving me all along but I know somewhere in your heart, you have feelings for me. All the things we shared can’t totally be fake can it?
“George, no matter how much I try to hate you for what you and Cleo did, I can’t erase you completely out of my memory. I am sorry if you lost your wife, Cleo. But cant you see, it is fate, it was meant to happen this way, so that we can be together, we are actually made for each other even if it was all arranged, we can still make it work” Becky said to him.

“you are talking nonsense. I don’t love you and will never love you, how can I love a cursed woman like you, you are so abnormal. I know you killed Cleo as a pay back and also to have me all to yourself, but let me make it clear to you. It will never happen. The whole drama has ended and it will end finally here and now because I am going to end your life just as you ended that of Cleo.

I don’t understand you George, you want to end my life? She asked shivering and fighting to go off his grips. “Yes Becky, I am going to kill you here and now” George replied.


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