EP 08

“George don’t kill me please, remember all we shared, we were in love, I saw love written all over you without been told, reconsider please” she pleaded as she struggled with him to be released from his grips.

I have told you to stop deceiving yourself, I don’t love you and I can never love you, you killed my wife and you are here talking about love, what rubbish do you think you are saying” George said to her. He heard a sound on the gate; he left her alone, shot her and ran away through the back gate. She lied lifeless on the ground.

The gate opened and it was Brenda and the police who came to check on her. Brenda had called the police because she was confused why Becky was panicking while talking to her on phone. They picked her up from the ground and rushed her to the hospital. She was still breathing. The doctor’s were able to treat her wounds generated

from the gunshots.

“Who did this to you Becky?” Brenda asked her. Becky was unwilling to talk, she didn’t want to hurt George, she doesn’t want the police to go after him, she had to protect him at all cost, she kept mute and lied that it was armed robbers who came to steal from her. Brenda found it hard to believe the story; she knew from Becky’s voice that she was hiding something.
“Armed robbers’ ke? What do they want to steal and they shot you, you could have died” Brenda said. “Don’t stress me out please, I said they were robbers and nothing more or haven’t you seen robbers shooting someone before” Becky said.

hmmm, my people, me I don’t understand this Becky girl oh, in the middle of crisis like this, armed robbers are coming to rob to the extent of shooting her and she feels it they are ordinary robbers, I smell fish. I have known Becky for years and I know how she can be towards something, she is the cunning type and hides a lot of things even if you open up to her>>>>>

3 days later**
Becky was driving to the mall, she was still having stitches from her wound. She looked at her side mirror and noticed a car was following her. The car was obviously chasing her, she drove faster and ran into another vehicle. The vehicle smashed her car. Her leg was broken. People around the street took her to the hospital.

“See, Becky am scared already, am scared of my own life, you were discharged from one hospital the other day within three days you are in another one and you feel you shouldn’t do anything about it, Becky what is happening, you cant tell me this were the same robbers chasing you, abi you carry millions for body? Brenda said while sitting close to her sick bed.

Brenda, it was just an accident, am sure it happened because I was tensed so I thought the person behind me was chasing me, trust me, I will get over this soon. I just wished George was by my side to hold me hands, sing to me, kiss me like he always does.
Becky wanted to protect George, she didn’t want to tell anyone that he was after her, she preferred George should kill her and be happy than allow him get into police custody because of her. She loved him so much that she was ready to lay her life down for him.


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