EP 09

“I have never felt this way before. I never knew I would fall in love this way and now everything is falling apart. I need to do something fast about this” Becky said to herself.

Becky went for spiritual help. She went to a strong medicine man in a village close to the city. She narrated her problems to the man. She cried for help. “There is something you are not telling me, there is something that you have never told anyone, there is something that you have never taken time to pay attention to?” Baba said.
She looked down and thought of what he might be talking about, but she couldn’t figure anything out. “Baba, sincerely, I don’t know what you are talking about, maybe you should give me a clue” Becky said curiously.
“You have a spiritual husband and he doesn’t want you to marry anyone else, he made no man see anything in you, he is not ready to give you up. When you clock 33, he will take you back to his world and you will be with him forever, your mother knows about this” Baba told her.

please who understands what this baba is saying, hope he is not drunk on alcohol, he must be joking*
“Baba, but I have never had any encounter with this spiritual husband” Becky said looking stunned. “Yes you have, he appears in your dream every five days and you have fun with him” The Baba replied her.

“You are right about that, but it is just a dream” Becky said. “That’s my point exactly, you always thought it was a dream and that’s why you haven’t mentioned this to anyone. In fact, it was this spiritual husband that killed your friend Cleo, because she allowed another man defile his wife. As am speaking to you, he is also after George for also defiling his wife, which is you.” Baba said.

Oh my God, George!!! She exclaimed. Baba I

don’t want George to die and I don’t want to also die on my 33rd birthday. I have only three years to live. Ahhh, I am finished. Please do something, what can I do to live long and not have a spiritual husband again. I want to love, live and do a lot of things. I want to die a natural death, I don’t want to die now and I want to be with George forever” Becky said kneeling and begging Baba.
“hmmm… Young woman, you have to make a sacrifice to live a normal life again. You have to sacrifice the person you love the most, someone that your heart has all the time” he said. .

“That is not a problem, my mother, I can sacrifice my mother” she said quickly in a soft voice. “No, you can’t, she cannot be sacrificed because she is very powerful, besides, you don’t love her the way you love George. You have to sacrifice George” Baba said.
“Ahhh!!! George ke? No Baba, George is the reason why I want to live baba, how can I sacrifice him. That’s not possible now” she said angrily.
“Then you are left with no choice, and even if you decided to leave George and not sacrifice him to live a normal life, George still has to die, from the revelation I have, he has less than 7days to live before the great deities take his life. So whether you sacrifice him or not you will still have to live your remaining years on earth without him.

Note this, if George dies before you sacrifice him, you will never have a solution to your problem, and you will die when your husband decides to call you to him. So go home and reshuffle these choices you have.” He said and disappeared into his chambers.
“I am finished, I am done for, my mother has killed me. What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment? I am done for. What do I do now? Please I need answers.


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