EP 10

Do I have to let it go so soon, how do I sacrifice George? No, God forbid. Becky said to herself. She picked up her car keys lying on the cushion close to her and drove off to the church. She met a pastor who greeted her and asked her what she wanted.

“I am in deep mess Pastor, I need deliverance and then I need to save someone from dying before his time” she said and knelt down. She narrated all her encounters with the pastor and also told him about the spiritual husband.

“My dear, your case is often seen nowadays, it is not new and shouldn’t be hard for God to do for you. All I need you to do is to gather faith, faith that can bring you out of this. You should look up to God at all times, I don’t know why people always see God as a last option. I need you to bring your mother here. There is an assignment both of you would do to make this evil curse leave you. She also needs to be delivered” the pastor told her.

Becky left to her family house. She was still angry at her mother for selling her out so cheaply for power. She told her mother who almost refused to follow her to the church for prayers. She didn’t want to denounce her powers so easily. But that was the only way to free her daughter, Becky from this mess.

On getting to the church, the pastor asked them to kneel down and told Becky’s mother that she will have to take her daughter to a mountain and they will both stay there for three days. They would pray and fast before anything is done. Becky’s mother agreed to embark on the journey with her and they both went for the assignment.

three days later*

Becky and her mother were back from their prayers and went to the church.
“Sister Becky I am happy that you are now free, but there is something the lord said I should tell you and I want you to listen carefully. When you leave the four walls of this church to go back home, you will meet a totally new life. You will find love and love will find you. You will find your own bone and flesh and you will love again but George was never for you and will never be yours.” He said to her.
“I don’t understand what you are saying pastor? George and I were in love, I loved him and I still do” she said looking sad.

“I understand you, but you cannot question God and you cannot force something God doesn’t want you to have. He has his children to take care of, his wife just died and he is still mourning her. He isn’t meant for you. You will find your own soul mate. Please don’t fight it. Just leave it the way God has written it” the pastor said and stood up.

Becky went in search of George, she couldn’t let go off him just like that, she didn’t care what God said or what the pastor said. She loved him and was obsessed with him and there is nothing anyone or even God can do about it. She went to George’s apartment and found him sitting at a corner caressing a pistol.

“what are you doing here you fool” he quickly caught her unaware as he looked back. “Please clam down George, lets talk. We need to talk, I have so many things to tell you” she said fearfully. She adjusted a little and begged him to drop the gun. He did as he was told and sat down. His face was covered with anger. He could misbehave any minute. The death of his lovely wife pained him so much and was so determined to avenge her death.

“I didn’t kill Cleo, George, I wouldn’t kill anyone. I am innocent, please believe me”. She said kneeling down. “Please let go of the anger in your heart, it won’t help, I would help you find the person who killed her, I promise, just trust me. I love you George, and I will never hurt you” she said.

He didn’t reply her; she didn’t know whether he was even listening to her. He was silent. His eyes were red like that of a vampire. She was so scared and didn’t know what to do. She stood up and walked into his apartment. She wanted to do something to calm him down and show him that she still loved him. Becky went to his bedroom and removed her clothes; she lied naked on the bed waiting for him to show up.
He didn’t appear until 2hours time and he was shocked to see her lying on his matrimonial bed which raised his anger the more. He shouted that not even a sorry could calm him down. “I hate you, I hate you so much, if not for you, my wife wouldn’t have died and you want me to sleep with you after what you have done”. He said with anger.

“I love you; I can’t stand to see you go, George. Your wife died for a reason and not for me. Please. We can fix this” she said. She went to him and trying to touch his body, he pushed her hand away immediately, and she kept on forcing herself on him, professing how much she loved him. He kept pushing her away. She held his face in a bid to kiss him.

George was now more than angry, he pulled out his pistol and shot her dead and fled away.
George was no where to be found.


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