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EP 43

Gbemiga returned home for the Christmas holiday and moved his family into a three-bedroom apartment in the same area. The Phillips’ family were joyous. They thanked God for surprising them and bringing their dreams into fruition. They loved their new apartment. His parents took over the master bedroom, his sisters shared a room, while the last room was turned into a guest room.

On Christmas day, they organized a get-together party and invited their relatives and close friends. Everyone liked their new accommodation. During the party, the lady Gbemiga was dating showed up and he introduced her to his family. Abisoye Da Silva was also serving in USAID.

She informed them that her parents and siblings were home in Ibadan, and she had been living with her uncle in Ikoyi since she got admission into Yabatech. She would have gone home for the holiday, but, she wanted to meet the family of her boyfriend.

Gbemiga’s parents and sisters liked the tall fair skinned and curvy lady. They were happy that he brought an educated girl. They believed that she was from a good family.

Remi convinced her to spend the night with them instead of returning to her uncle’s place on the Island.

The next day, Lola and Kemi took a walk with their brother’s new girlfriend. Their mother had been able to convince her to spend the Boxing Day with them. They stopped when they passed in front of their brother’s ex-girlfriend’s place.

“We need to tell you something,” Lola and her sister giggled.

Abisoye stared at them with curiousity.

“Our brother used to date a girl that lives here,” Kemi pointed at the building.

“Our parents didn’t approve of the relationship,” Lola added quickly.

Abisoye looked at the building, “Why?”

“She was a common illiterate who wanted to reap where she had not sown,” Lola muttered with disdain.

Abisoye narrowed her gaze in wonder, “What was Gbemiga doing with such a person?”

“I think she charmed him,” Kemi snarled.

“Yes, some love portion immersed in her akara,” Lola chipped in.

She looked from one sister to the other, “Akara?”

“She sells akara,” Lola informed her.

Abisoye raised an eyebrow, “What was Gbemiga doing with an akara seller?”

Lola clapped her hands, “Hmmm… we don’t know.”

“If you ask me, na who I go ask?” Kemi placed her hands on her hips.

Abisoye smiled and looked at the house again. She couldn’t imagine her boyfriend with such a low class girl.

“Our parents take no nonsense. They were able to deliver him from her witchcraft sharp, sharp,” Kemi beamed proudly.

“I see,” Abisoye noticed someone coming out through the gate.

“Talk of the devil, that is the witch,” Lola gritted her teeth.

“Bukky alakara,” kemi hissed again and again.

The sisters glared at her.

Abisoye seized up the pretty dark skinned curvy average height lady stepping out of the compound. She halted the moment she saw them.



Bukky eyed Gbemiga’s sisters. It had been a while since she had seen them around. What were they doing outside her house? She noticed the tall fair skinned lady in a pink blouse and blue jeans standing beside them. Who was she? Why was she staring at her like that?

“God has given our brother a better wife. An educated and beautiful woman,” Lola raised her voice.

“Meet Abisoye Da Silva, Gbemiga’s princess,” Kemi said proudly.

Bukky stared at the lady. If her ex-boyfriend was dating again, that was a relief. That means he won’t disturb her again.

“Your spell and charm has been broken. You cannot lay a finger on him anymore.”

She hissed, lifted the basket in her hand and threw the dirt into the big black drum at the gate. “Both of you are jobless,” she eyed Gbemiga’s sisters. “Good luck,” she glanced at the lady and went back into the house.

“So, that is Gbemiga’s ex?”

The girls nodded.

“She doesn’t look or sound like an illiterate,” Abisoye turned to her boyfriend’s sisters.

“Don’t mind her. She is just pretending.”

“She copies everything she watches on the television.”

“I see,” Abisoye raised an eyebrow. The girl was very pretty, but, she believed that she was prettier.

“Let’s go, let’s go,” Lola grabbed her hand and pulled her along.

Kemi hurried after them.


Bukky dropped the basket in the kitchen. She was upset that Gbemiga’s sisters brought his new girlfriend to her house. What were they thinking? What was her business if her ex-boyfriend was now in a new relationship? They didn’t need to rub it in her face. Those girls needed to be spanked. She hissed and walked out of the kitchen. She sat on the bed and picked up her phone. She clicked on the BBM app and saw several pings from her fiancé. She smiled and pinged him back. She lay on the bed and chatted with him.

She missed him. She wished he was around. It’s being six months since he left the country. By next year Christmas, he would be home finally and they could get on with their lives. If wishes were horses, she would have loved to join him in the U.K. she didn’t fancy been away from him. She doesn’t know how she was going to cope for the next one year.

She informed him that she did very well in her GCE. She C’s in all the relevant subjects. She had already enrolled for a JAMB class and she believed that she was going to pass the examination. Her first and second school of choice was going to be Unilag. She doesn’t want to go anywhere else.


At about six in the evening, Gbemiga saw his girlfriend off to the bus-stop. He was happy that she was able to spend time with his family. He was also glad that they really liked her. His parents were proud of him and his sisters believed that they had found a new friend.

“I want you to come to my uncle’s place on New Year day. He organizes a party on the first day of every new year.”

“Okay. I will be there.”

“He likes to meet the guys I go out with. I guess he is kind of protective.”

He placed a hand around her and smiled, “No wahala. I want to meet your uncle and his family too.”

She grinned from ear to ear, “Thanks. Most of the guys I dated in the past always dread meeting him.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Why?”

She shrugged, “I guess they were scared.”

“I see.”

“I have already told them about you.”

“Good. What kind of gift can I bring?”

“Hmmm… my uncle and his wife like fruits a lot. Their kids, my cousins are sweet-tooths.”

He chuckled, “You are the queen of sweet-tooths.”

She started to laugh.

“I will come with a basket of assorted fruits for your uncle and his wife and foreign biscuits, chocolates and candies for your cousins.”

“Cool. They like cake and ice-cream too.”

“Who doesn’t?”

She laughed quietly.

“Okay, cake and ice-cream are on the list.”

“Yipee!” she squeaked.

He gave a shake of head. He hailed a cab, bargain with the driver, once they agreed on a price, he beckoned at his girlfriend.

“See you soon lovely,” he kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Call me tonight,” she climbed into the vehicle.

“I will,” he waved at her.

The cab nosed back into the busy road.

Gbemiga turned around and headed home feeling happy.



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