NEW 9JA STORY : BURNING ROMANCE [EP 12] || written by Osamudiamen Joel


EP 12


“Never mind.You are too holy for that”she grinned.



“I knew you liked her all along.You were just pretending”I smiled as he said that.

“You even smile now. She really did wonders to you”

“Stop it.Will you?”

“No.I won’t.

“Let’s just talk about something else.How’s my revenge plan coming up?”

“We are on track.Your plan worked wonders.He’s already ruined”

“About giving his money to his son.Suspend that for now.I’m not giving him any chance to recover.Despite the fact,that his father is evil,he might ask for help or get suspicious of his son”

“You’re right you know.So you are bringing her to the annual successful C.E.O’s party”

“Yeah I’ve never brought any girl with me before”

“That’s because you’ve never gotten really serious with any girl”

“I did have a highschool girlfriend dummy”

“We both know you were just playing around”

” Asher I got work to do”I told him facing my computer screen signifying the end of our discussion.


“What do you mean he disappeared with my money?”I grab hold of her neck.

“Sir I can’t breathe”she said trying to catch her breath.I let go of her angrily and she fell to the ground.

I can’t believe all the money I realized from selling my properties went missing.How do I pay up my outstanding debts? How do I pay off my workers? Is this the end of a business that took me years to build? What could be cause of my misfortune?

“Sir … Sir…”

“Shut up”I yelled at her and she flinched.

“The bank officials are here”she said lowly.

“Good day Sir”I raised my head to look at the two officials.

“What can I do for you? As you can see I’m in a very bad mood besides I still have one month to pay why are you here?”

“The bank instructed us to draw your loan payment deadline closer.You have just one week to pay or this company will be seized”

“But I have one month to pay”

“Not anymore.One week Mr Logan.Good day”one of the guys dropped a notice paper on the table.

I sank into my chair hopeless.I’m doomed.


I smiled satisfied at my reflection in the mirror.I was on a red strappy satin cowl mini dress.It showed of my curves and round ass.It also had a tear that left the side of my lap slightly exposed.

I put on a red pair of stilettoes heels while a beautiful jewelry set adorned my neck,ears and wrist.My brown long hair fell freely against my back.

Darrell did take me shopping today and he also got me an i phone.

“Oh my God Claire you look stunning.The master eat you seeing you in outfit”

“You’re crazy.I’m off Daniela take care”I kissed her cheek.

“Have fun bestie”she giggled as I walked out of the room.Enzo was outside waiting to take me to meet Darrell at the parking lot.

“Daisy this dress looks really looks hot on you”Darrell compliments still looking at me in awe.

“Thanks”I blushed and get into the car.He sits beside me while Dala seats at the passengers sest.I guess Asher will be riding in the other car.

The chauffeur soon starts the engine as the car sped out.

We walk into the party holding hands as hip hop music blast out of the speakers.People could be seen dancing and they all looked smelt of wealth.

“Mr Darrell and Mr Asher so nice to see you once again

“Nice to see you too Mr Rodriguez”

“And who is this beautiful beside you?”he asked looking at me.

“My girlfriend”

“Wow she’s beautiful.Please come over to the V.I.P”We sat at the V.I.P and saw some guys with their ladies drinking and chatting.

To me the party was abit boring cause they were just talking about business and all.I also had a few soft drinks I’m not a fan of alcohol.

The fun part was when I had to dance with Darrell.

“Hey you ok?”

“I’m abit tired”

“Ok let’s get you home”Asher wasn’t ready to leave yet so we went ahead of him.

“Darrell”some girl ran to hug him almost knocking me off but he held tight to my hands.

“Zasha what are you doing here?”he asked pushing her off me.Geez I can’t believe she’s trying to flirt with my man.I felt jealous but I tried to keep my cool.

“Ain’t you happy to see me?”

“What we had in highschool was child’s play.Don’t let it get into your head”

“But Darrell…”she turns to look at me giving me scornful looks.

“Who’s she?”

“My girlfriend”

“Your girlfriend? What about me? Are you gonna dump me for this witch”

“Don’t call my girlfriend names and we broke up a long time ago.Stop making a scene”

“Darrell I feel tired and sleepy.Can you please take me home?”I asked getting bored her incessant ranting.

“Yes Daisy.Let’s go”

“Darrell…”she called but we walked away.I turn and gave her a fuck you sigh before leaving.Bitch!

“On getting outside a lot of paparazzi and reporters attacked us with questions as they also took pictures of us

“Mr Bingwen can you tell us who this beautiful lady beside you is?”

“She’s my girlfriend”

“She must be really lucky to have you”we both smiled as a reporter said that.

“Of course she is”

“What’s the name of the beauty who put a smile on Mr Bingwen’s face?”

“Claire Daisy Willows”I replied smiling and his hands secured my waist kissing me slightly.

“Awwn they look so cute together”

“That will be enough questions now”Dala and Enzo help us walk through the crowd of paparazzi.I guess I’m officially a celebrity now.


“Dad what are you doing here?”Owen asked as I walked into his room.

“I came to see you Owen.Is that wrong?”

“Yes.I can’t have a monster as a father”

“Watch your tongue Owen”

“You killed my mother and hid it from me for a long time,made me take advantage of my step sister,almost killed me from the sleeping drug overdose and so many evil things.You are worst than a monster”a slap landed on my cheek and I held my face.

“I heard of the recent misfortune that came your way.You are paying for your sins”

“What do you mean?”

“Can’t you see dad.Claire is back to hunt you”

“That’s not possible.She’s a wretched bitch”

“Wretched bitch you call her.You sold her into slavery but you made her life better without knowing it”he brought out his phone and showed me a picture of Claire kissing a guy.

He looked rich and she was looking even more beautiful.How can that be?

“No this can’t be… it can’t be”

“Your evil is back to hunt you and you can’t run away from it…


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