NEW 9JA STORY : BURNING ROMANCE [EP 14] || written by Osamudiamen Joel


EP 14

“Boss I’m sorry… this is my only source of income”

“You should have thought of that before insulting my girlfriend” I wanted to talk Darrell into letting her go but then she still gave me scornful glances when she thought Darrell wasn’t looking.Looks like she haven’t learnt her lesson.

I think he saw that and that further infuriated him.

“Enzo take out of my property”

“Yes boss”I collected my food basket from him before he lifted her off her feet carrying her on his shoulders.

“Boss… please …you can’t fire me”she yelled crying as Enzo carried her out.

“Let me go bastard”she yelled struggling with him.I sighed when they were out of sight.

“I’m sorry about that Daisy”he said as we entered his office.

“It’s obvious she likes you”I huffed.

“Are you jealous?”he grinned sitting on his office chair.

“Why won’t I be jealous? After all I’m your girlfriend”I pouted sitting on his laps and he smiled.

“She shouldn’t be a bother to you besides I’m yours now”I smiled as he said that.

“I like that… but your admirers are way too much.I’m scared that they may try to hurt me”

“No one will dare hurt you Daisy.Anyone who does,I will kill and I mean it”

“Darrell thank you for coming into my life”

His hands cup my cheeks tenderly. “I love
love you Daisy”

I smiled tearfully.I never expected to meet a person like Darrell.Someone who would love me wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

I’m the most luckiest woman on earth to have a man like Darrell in my life.He brought happiness into my life and I would be a liar to say I don’t love him too.

“I love you Darrell”his hands wipe off my tears as he crushed his lips against mine.I kissed him back wrapping my hands around his shoulders.

He deepens the kiss as he brushed off the stands of hair on my face.He pulls out of the kiss staring at me intensely.

“Hey I got you something”I giggled.


“Darrell I want to apologize for calling your girlfriend a witch.You were right after all what we had was a child’s play”

“It’s fine.I forgive you”

“I brought you this as a token of my apology”I smiled giving him the food.

I smiled as it played in my head thinking of ways to make him eat the food I prepared.

I giggled happily as I walked into his company building.I’m on my ovulation today and I plan on giving him the food in which I added some sex pills to.

He’s definitely gonna eat it and become extremely horny and then he will fuck my brains out.

How much i missed having him inside of me.After today,I will be pregnant with his child.

He will then discard that bitch of a girlfriend and opt for me.Besides i can’t let him slip away being with him is like winning a jackpot.

I seriously can’t loose him to that bitch!.I walked up to the receptionist faking a smile at her.

“Hi.How may i help you?”she smiled.

“Well I’m here to see my boyfriend.Darrell Bingwen”

“Excuse me? You must be mistaken”

“What do you mean I’m mistaken? Take me to Darrell now”

She brings out her phone operating it and finally turned to screen to me.What i saw made my anger boil.

‘FAMOUS BUSINESS MOGUL MR DARRELL BINGWEN SHOWS TO THE WORLD HIS BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND MISS CLAIRE DAISY WILLOWS”the head line read and I saw pictures of her smiling to the camera and also pictures of them kissing.

“Why are you showing me this?”I asked in anger.

“Does this lady in any way look like you? Stop claiming to be who you are not”

“Spare me that crap and tell me where the fuck Darrell is?”

“At the top floor and he’s with his girlfriend”

“His girlfriend?”I muttered.That bitch! How will I give Darrell the food I prepared.I’m so going to deal with her.

I proceed to walk towards the elevator when I heard the receptionist whisper something.

“Woman like you are the problem we have in this world.Looking for someone else’s man to steal”she hissed.Bitch!

Just then, a girl was carried out in a rough manner.She kept screaming and asking the guy to let her go.

“Cassie what happened?”the receptionist asked her colleague who came to give her the gist.

“Bianca don’t mind her.She called the boss’s girlfriend a slut.The boss got really mad and fired her”

“Janet is so senseless.It obvious that she likes the boss but to the extent of insulting his girlfriend.That’s bad”

“Who wouldn’t fall for the boss? He has money plus he’s very handsome.I envy that girl,I wish I were in her shoes”

“Stop thinking of the impossible.It’s obvious the boss loves her very much.Look at the way he protected her and the girl looks like a responsible person not all those ones that are after his money”she eyed me.

“Yes ooo.She is and I need a man like that”Cassie said.

“Don’t mind some people trying to break a good relationship”Bianca said giving me glares.I got really angry and stomped out of their presence to the elevator.

“She had better hold tight to her man tight before someone else try to steal him”Bianca shouted aloud for me to hear.I huffed and got into the elevator pressing the buttons on it and it closed.It finally opened at the top floor and I stepped out.

I headed to his office which had the tag C.E.O’s office.I opened the door of his office angrily to see her on his lap and they were both giggling about something.

She had already arranged the table with the food she brought and wine.Bitch she ruined my plans of having Darrell to myself.

“Darrell”I yelled and they turned to look at me.

“Zasha what are you doing here?”he asked and kissed her infront of me.

“What’s this bitch doing here?”his looks changed into an obviously angry one.

“Call my girlfriend names again and you will regret ever knowing me”

“I love you Darrell.Can’t you see it? Break up with this witch,she’s badluck”

“Zasha get out of my office before I call my men to beat you up”

“If she doesn’t leave you alone.I will hurt her badly”

“Then be prepared to die”Fear gripped me as he said that.She just rested her head on his shoulders smirking probably enjoying the show.


“You heard me.Now get out”

“I will be back”I stomped out of his office.He can’t protect her forever.Darrell you must be mine.I can’t loose to her never!


“Darrell it’s obvious they don’t want me here.I should leave”

“I want you here.There are just jealous that I didn’t choose them.They shouldn’t be a bother to you”

“Ok”I nodded.

“I hate to see your face look all gloomy.Smile please”he grinned tickling me and I laughed heartily.

“Darrell stop”I giggled and he pulls me in for a short kiss.I smiled and kissed him back.

“Open the food you brought.I’m starving already”he pouted holding his stomach and I laughed.

“I never knew you could be funny”I smiled opening the food flask.

“Asher is the funny one not me”

“That reminds me.Where is Asher?”

“Went to check out the factory… Geez that looks good.You cooked these?”

“Yeah but I had help from Daniela and Bentley”I told him as I poured the wine into the glasses and sat on his lap.

He picks up a slice the pizza and bites from it.

“This taste good”

“Thanks.Eat from the fried rice”

“Feed me”he pouted and I picked up the spoon.It’s way better to use spoon to eat rice than chopsticks I guess.

I filled the spoon with the rice and shoved it into his mouth.He smiled as he tasted the food in his mouth.

“This is also good but I can’t eat this all”

“That’s why I’m here”

“Looks like I’m early for something”Asher grinned walked into the office.

“Wow brother you are enjoying.I think I should get my own girlfriend.Being single is a disease”he said and I chuckled.

He took a slice of the pizza and bites from it. “Wow this taste good.You cooked these?”

“Yeah”he takes another slice.

“You seriously don’t want to finish the food?”

“If I can yes”he rolls his eyes.

“Darrell there’s enough for three”

He joined us in eating the food and I had to go back home afterwards.

Daniela and I talked about alot of things after I came back home.I feel sick all of a sudden and I had to throw up.

“Claire are you ok?”

“I’m fine”

“But you are turning pale”

“I’m fine all I just need is a little rest”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah”I smiled faintly.

“Ok”she helped me lay on the bed and used the duvet to cover me up before walking out of the room.What’s wrong with me? I feel weak all of a sudden.I closed my eyes slowly and darkness followed.


I had to close early from work because of Claire.I saw Daniela walking out of my room,she looked bothered.What could be the problem?

“Good evening master”she greeted.

“Where’s Claire?”

“In the room …I think she’s sick”

“Sick?”I rushed in the room.She lay on the bed with her eyes closed.She looked pale but she was fine this afternoon.

“Daisy”i called but no response.I raised her hands up and saw track marks on them.



I carried her on my arms and rushed out of the room with her.Daniela followed closely behind.

Who could have poisoned my Daisy? I just hope she’s gonna be fine.I will sure kill the person behind this.


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