NEW 9JA STORY : BURNING ROMANCE [EP 15] || written by Osamudiamen Joel


EP 15

I sat at the waiting room still deep in thoughts.I pray she survives this,I love her so much and I can’t live without her.

“Mr Darrell?”I heard the doctor’s voice as he came out of the room.

“Doctor how is she?”I asked anxiously.

“She’s fine now the poison has already been neutralised but she’s unconscious at the moment.If she were brought here thirty minutes later,we may have lost her.But i got a bad news”

“Bad news?”

“Yes she was poisoned and because of that poison the zygote in her fallopian tube got washed away”

“You mean she was pregnant”

“Not really pregnant cause implantation had not began”

“How was she poisoned? Cause any of this still doesn’t make to me”

“Her skin came in contact with a poisonous substance”


“Yes the skin can absorb toxin substances into it within twenty eight seconds.Judging by the rate of the poison in her body,it was a slow poison and she was poisoned in the morning”

“So the person who did this touched her in the morning?” Dammit I’m so going to kill that person.


“OK thanks doc.Can i see her now?

“Yeah you can.If you don’t mind I’ve got other patients to attend to”

“Ok”I sigh and walked into the room.Seeing my daisy in the hospital lying helpless broke my heart.

She had on her a nasal cannula inserted into her nostrils and it was connected to an oxygen generator.

A drip hung on a drip stand and it was connected into her arms.A heart monitor machine was also seen moving in rhythms.

I sat on the chair beside her holding her hands that looked pale.The fact that she would have been pregnant with my child and some bastard poisoned the zygote away annoyed me.

I had to stay by her side all night watching her as she slept peacefully.

I opened my eyes when I felt hands on my hair.I looked up to see Claire smiling at me.I cleaned my eyes to be sure I’m not dreaming but she was still smiling at me.

She rolled her eyes at me “Duh you are not dreaming.I’m awake”she grinned and I hugged her on the bed.

“Seriously its not funny.You made me worry”I pouted.

“Well I’m fine now.What happened to me?”she asked rubbing my cheeks.

“You were poisoned”


“Doctor said your skin came in contact with a toxic substance.Do you remember anyone touching you in the morning?”

“Charyl! That bitch.She touched my arms yesterday and I got angry and pushed her off.It’s possible that she would have been the one,she’s the one who openly hates me in the house”

“For trying to kill my Daisy she’s dead meat already”


“Don’t try to talk me out of it.I meant every word I said at the office.I should have killed her when she first tried to take your life”

“Hey Darrell I’m fine now”

“I know but she still needs to go.What if something bad had happened to you?”

Just then,the doctor walked into the room with a nurse.

“Good morning Mr Darrell”

“Good morning doc”we exchanged handshake.

“Miss Claire you are awake?”he asked surprised.

“Yeah got a problem with that?”

“No.I mean we least expected you to recover this fast”he said checking her vitals and the nurse removed the nasal cannula on her nose.

“So does that mean I get to leave now”she grinned.

“No.We still need to monitor you for some days especially since you miscarried the zygote”

“What? I was pregnant”I held her hands as she looked at me.

“It’s okay Daisy”I told her as she cried on my arms.

I looked at Charyl who was on her knees shedding crocodile tears.I had already talked to the doctor and he said Claire could leave the hospital tomorrow.Also Asher and Daniela had earlier came to see her at the hospital.

I had to leave her with her friend Daniela to deal with that bitch Charyl.This bitch keeps denying it when it’s obvious she did it.

“I didn’t do it master”she cried and that angered me even more.

“You still got guts to lie” Asher yelled at her.

“I didn’t do it.I’m innocent you can’t punish me without prove”

“Oh really.Charyl I never knew you could be this good of an actress”I smirked at her.

“Dala show her prove”He opened the laptop on the table and played the recording on it.

Charyl walked into her room looking around to be sure no one was in the room.She opened her wardrobe and brought out a bottle and took a pill from it which was the antidote to the poison.

She swallowed it and smiled to herself.She brought out another bottle which contained the poison.She applied the liquid poison on her palms and closed the wardrobe.

She came out of her room and smiled to herself.She sighted Claire going to the kitchen and she knew that was a perfect opportunity to strike.

“Where do you guys think you are going?”She asked in an annoying manner.

“I’ve got no time for the thrash you got to say”she held Claire’s arms as she proceed to walk out.

“Let me go bitch”She yelled pushing her off and she landed her butts on the ground.

“That serves you right”Daniela stuck her tongue out mockingly as they walked away.

She got up from the floor and smiled devilishly.

“Let’s see how you will survive this”She smirked to herself and walked away.Dala closed the laptop and I turned to look at her.
“How? How?”She stuttered surprised.

I never really like the idea of having a CCTV in my house cause it made me feel like I was being watched by tiny little eyes,but after Charyl’s first attempt on Claire’s life, I had it secretly installed knowing that something like that might happen again.

“How I got it doesn’t matter trying to kill my girl is the biggest sin you could ever commit.I made a mistake by not sending you into the cold room the last time but today I’m gonna make sure you die there” I yelled at her.

“You can’t kill me because of Claire.If you hadn’t come early that bitch of a girlfriend would have long been dead”

“How dare you? Throw her into the cold room”

“Yes boss” Dala lifted her up roughly on his shoulders and carried her out.

“Let me go… Claire I hate you”…She yelled as she was being carried out.

“Good riddance” I muttured.


I rang the door bell and smiled at Janet who opened the door.I had to use my connections to get her house address.

“Hi who are you?” She asked looking at me.

“Mind if l come in.I mean no harm” She looked at me once more before letting me in. Her house looked really fancy,soon enough she’s gonna have to sell it if she doesn’t get a better job.

“May I?”

“Sure you can seat”I sat on the couch and she sat on the opposite couch.

“What brings you here? And who are you?”

“Zasha Salvador and I’m your saviour”I smiled at her.

“What do you mean?”

“Heard you lost your job because of your boss’s girlfriend”

“Yes.Where are you going about this?”

“Don’t you want your boss and don’t you want revenge?”

“I don’t want trouble.My boss can be a dangerous man if annoyed”

“Don’t be a coward.Once she’s out of the way you can have him all to yourself.I will sponsor you with all the money you need to make her die”

“Why are you helping me?”

“You see that girl is a bad girl.She stole my husband from me and after she killed him,made away with his money and ran to be with Darrell” I faked tears knowing she will feel sympathy for me.

“I’m sorry about that”

“I’m just trying to help Darrell cause I don’t want him to end up with like my husband and I know he loves you.She must have used black magic on him”

“Yes. I suspect that too cause he dots on her too much”

“Are you willing to get revenge for both of us?”

“Yes I will do it”I smiled inwardly.So gullible

I’m just using her to get what I want,once I’m done with her,I will dispose of her.No one must share my Darrell with me.No one!


“I don’t want Daisy to get into more danger because of those girls forcing themselves on me”

“What do you plan on doing?”

“I know Zasha, she doesn’t give up easily.I need eyes on her.Janet might not be able to do anything cause she’s jobless but you never can tell she might have something up her sleeves.I need eyes on her too.I’m not giving neither of them the opportunity to strike”

“As for Logan,I need him here,seeing Claire will make him talk thrash and spill out all the evil he has done.It will be used as evidence against him cause I’m charging him to court with a death sentence…”

“…for the rape of Claire,murder of Bridget (Owen’s mom), attempted murder of Adrian and lastly for the death of Ellie”…


So Logan killed Claire’s mom

Note: Those of you who said Claire vomited because she was pregnant this is for you.A woman cannot just get pregnant about three days after having sex.The sperm will first need to fertilise or fuse with the egg in the fallopian tube after which a Zygote is formed. This Zygote will then move to the womb and implant itself to the walls of the womb to become an embryo and that is when pregnancy officially starts and the woman will start experiencing early signs of pregnancy and that is about two to three weeks after sex.
Only biology students will understand.


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