NEW 9JA STORY : BURNING ROMANCE [EP 64] || written by Osamudiamen Joel


EP 64

“Seriously, how did you know she wasn’t Shakira?” Asher asked. Everyone thinks I’m not human 🤦‍♀️. Well, I’m pretty much human.

“You know we shouldn’t be talking about this right now. We’ve got a bastard to catch” I told him as we got into the car.

“Yeah, the police are already on their way there but you still need to tell me about it”

“Listen up. In solving a puzzle like that what you need to do is to look for flaws. Humans are bound to make mistakes and that makes them imperfect. Just behind her ear, I noticed that the skin there was slightly different, a bit darker”

“Obviously, Shakira was lighter than that imposter. Why on earth will she pretend to be someone she’s not, if Greg didn’t send her and since she’s not Shakira that she was posing to be and she even claimed to be pregnant, it only means she wasn’t pregnant”

“Wow, you really are a genius” he said and I chuckled.

“Sir there is no one in the house”

“What do you mean there is no way in the house”

“Are you sure she gave us the right address?”

“I’m certain, maybe he went out. Search the area”


I was walking home when I sighted some policemen in my house from afar. Darrell and Asher were about entering my house but Darrell turned almost immediately to my direction like he knew someone was there but I was quick to hide behind the wall.

Bastard, how the fuck did he know my house? Gwen? that bitch, she ruined everything. I need to get out of here. I guess I underestimated you Darrell Bingwen but be sure that I will destroy you and your family.

I guess I will have to stick with Shane’s plan. He warned me about acting too reckless and now I just gave myself out. I’m gonna have to travel out of the country but I will be back to wretch havoc.


“So any luck?” I asked as Daniela and I set the table.

“No luck. We even went to the cemetery where his dad was buried as Darrell figured he might be there but no luck”

“Obviously he got away” Asher said and I sighed. From one problem to another, Shane is dead and now Greg. I wonder when we will ever have peace in this family.

“OK, everyone. Enough with the gloomy face. We will surely survive this, Greg is nothing compared to the others we’ve encountered”

“Of course, he’s not. I’m gonna kill him myself” Darrell said with gritted teeth.

“Mummy, who is daddy killing?”

“A very bad man”

“I wanna help daddy chase the bad guys that’s why I wanna be a policeman” he said and Darrell chuckled

“You still haven’t drop that profession of yours”

“But mummy that’s what I really want to be” he pouted.

“I don’t really like the idea of Zach being a police but if that’s what he really want to be, we can’t stop him. You know” Daniela said.

“I told her same” Darrell said and I glared at him.

“I guess you are right” Asher muttered.

“Seriously? there is nothing you guys say that will make me change my mind”

“She’s stubborn” Darrell muttered.

“I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear that”

“Daddy, will you teach me how to shoot a gun” Zach grinned. Hell, no 🤣


“No, he won’t. You shouldn’t be learning how to shoot guns right now but reading your books”


“Let’s eat everyone. Zach lead us in prayers”



“Don’t you think you are being too hard on Zach?” Darrell asked as we walked into our room.

“Of course not, he wants to be a policeman and you support him. You even wanna teach him how to shoot a fucking gun. Don’t you see you are encouraging him”

“Daisy try to understand that…”

“Understand what? fuck you Darrell. What is there to understand that you’re in support of Zach endangering his life. I can’t stand you right now” I told him and proceeded to walk out of the room but he held my arms and pulled me to himself.

“Let me go Darrell. I’m so mad at you right now”

“I’m sorry” He shouldn’t really be apologising. He should anyways for annoying me 😂

“Apology not accepted” I frowned.

He chuckled. “Really?”


“I think I got something that would make you change your mind” he smirked and kiseed me at once.

“Darrell no. Apology accepted” I told him knowing where that kiss was gonna lead to. Sex freak😂

“Like you don’t enjoy the sex” my subconscious snapped at me.

“It’s too late you know” he carried me on his torso and dropped me on the bed.

“Darrell” he kissed my neck and I moaned softly. His hands reached for the hem of my panties and I moaned softly when he touched my wet core. He slide a finger into me and smirked.

“You’re wet already. Too bad we are not having sex” he whispered into my ears and my eyes widened.

“Fuck you!” I yelled and pushed him off me. He chuckled loudly and I frowned. He’s so mean, I can’t believe he fooled me.

“You’re so evil” I hit him with my pillow and he laughed even harder.

“It’s not funny”

“What? you’re horny already. If you want sex now, you have to beg for it” he winked.

“I won’t” I huffed.

“Suit yourself then and don’t think of seducing me at night” he smiled and closed his eyes

“You can’t be serious” I pouted but he ignored me.

“Darrell!” I hit him several times.

“Daisy, I’m sleepy” he said in a sleepy tone.

“You’re so good at pretending” It’s payback time. I got on top of him and touched his dick.

“Daisy, what did I say about not seducing me at night?” he cocked his brows at me.

“I guess you should know that I’m stubborn” I bit my lips and unzipped his zipper. I stroked his dick in my hands and he groaned and almost immediately his dick hardened.

I lowered myself down and licked the tip of his dick as he groaned.

“You’re hard already. Too bad we are not having sex” I half yelled and ran into the bathroom.

“Oh no, Daisy. Don’t do this😂” he said from outside as I locked the door. Who’s begging now?🤣

“What? you’re horny already. If you want sex now, you have to beg for it” I used his words against him. Bravo Claire.

“Baby, please come outside” his voice sounded soft.

“I really can’t hear you”

“Daisy please come outside and let’s have sex” I chuckled. That’s the power of a woman😉.

I came outside and the first thing he did was to carry me on his torso and almost immediately my back touched the door.

“Don’t ever do that again” he said in husky voice and he penetrated me.

“You started it first” I rolled my eyes and moaned and we ended up having sex.

              2 days later

I opened my eyes and stared at Darrell’s cute face. I can’t believe I have him all to myself. My gaze fell on the wall clock and it’s few minutes to six.

OMG! today is Sunday and in this house it’s just like every other day. Sleep, eat and rest. All that is about to change today😂.

I picked up my sonic bomb alarm which I purchased some days ago. Very loud and even if someone is dead, the person will wake up by force. Don’t try it, I’m just joking🤣

I stood by the passageway and set the alarm for 6pm which was just a few seconds away and I had to step back so I don’t go deaf.

“Here it comes” 😂

The alarm soon rang and they all ran out their rooms one by one looking like people chased by a madman.

Zach was looking like bread that was soaked in water. Daniela and Asher were sharing a blanket. Oh my God 😂

“What the hell!”


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