NEW 9JA STORY : BURNING ROMANCE [EP 67] || written by Osamudiamen Joel


EP 67

I rushed into the bathroom and vomited in the toilet bowl, well water actually🤣.

I can’t believe I just tasted someone’s vomit. It tasted like yuck. Darrell is wicked.

I brushed my teeth, I brushed it very well. You needed to see the war going on between my toothbrush and my teeth😁.

I finished brushing my teeth and I rinsed my mouth.

“Are you okay?” Darrell smirked walking into the bathroom.

“No, next time, brush your teeth before kissing me” I frowned and he chuckled.

“Next time don’t force me to go on rides I don’t wanna go on”

“I thought you said you weren’t mad at me”

“I’m not. I just felt you needed to be punished a little”

“Well I’m mad at you. Meanie” I frowned and adjusted the temperature on the bathtub to lukewarm.

He chuckled and I turned on the shower faucet. I need a bath.

I dipped my hands in the water and it slightly hot just how I want it.

Darrell wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed my neck.

“I’m still mad at you and as you can see I’m about to take a bath” I rolled my eyes.

“You know you can’t be mad at me for long”

“Of course I can and Darrell the bathtub is gonna overflow if you don’t let me go”

He sighed and let go of my waist and I turned off the faucet. I added a liquid soap to it and made sure it was foamy.

“How about we have that bath together?”

“No way. I thought you were weak”

“Do I look like someone who is weak? besides how does being weak has to do with bathing” he furrowed his brows at me.

“We both know you just don’t wanna bath”

He wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me to himself. “What do you think I want other than bathing?” he whispered into my ears and I shivered. My breathing was becoming rage and he kissed my neck again. .

I felt his on my back as he unzipped my zip and let my dress drop so that I was just on underwear. He unclasped my bra and also let it drop and also my panties and I stood naked in front of him.

“You’re beautiful” he whispered as he stared at my body like it was the first time he was seeing me naked.

“Even after seeing my your body countless times, I still can’t get enough of you Daisy”

I smiled loving the fact that he’s addicted to me just as I am addicted to him. I love the fact that we are gonna get married soon and that he’s gonna be mine forever.

“Me too” he pinched my nipples with his fingers and I let out of a soft moan.

“Darrell I already chose the the date for our wedding”

“When?” he replied huskily as he took off all his clothes.

“Two weeks”

He smiled. “That’s great”

I frowned. “Just great?”

“Daisy please don’t start again. Don’t give me more trouble than you already have”😂

“So you’re calling me a trouble maker?”

He didn’t say anything instead he took one of my nipples in his mouth and cupped the other breast and I moaned then he went on to kiss the little baby bump on my stomach which was now slightly visible.

“I can’t wait for you to have our children” he smiled and gave my stomach one last kiss.

He kissed my lips and held the back of my head as he deepened the kiss. We kissed passionately for a few seconds before he carried me on his arms and placed me in the bathtub.

He joined me in the bathtub and made me sit on his torso and I held on to the side of the bathtub. Yeah, cowgirl position in the bathtub😂.

He penetrated my wet vagina which was wet from my juices and the water. I moaned, we both moaned as I thrusted my core on his hard dick.

Darrell is so big about 9½ inches long and I like it😋😋. There’s no way I’m willing to share him with any woman and I’m glad he won’t cheat on me. He won’t even think of it🤣

After the riding him for about ten minutes, we both came. He kissed me and smiled. “I love you Daisy”

“I love you too Darrell” I bit my lips.

“Come on, let’s go wash off in the shower”


We both walked into the sitting room to meet Asher and Daniela eating the pizza and baked chicken with juice.

“What the hell” I muttered and they stared me.

“What Darrell said it was ours”😂

“What about Zach’s share”

“I kept it in the fridge”

“I still wonder why Zach gets one pizza and a bag of baked chicken while we adults get same”

“Well, Zach is a kid and he needs to grow”

“I need to grow” Asher pouted and we chuckled.

“Where else do you need to grow in?”

“Maybe…” Daniela trailed off.

“Don’t say it” Asher immediately cut in. Oh his 🍆. I did not say anything ooo 😂

“I was going to say your hair, it’s a bit short. What do you think I wanted to say?”😂

Darrell chuckled. “Seriously that’s a lie. Daniela is just teasing you we all know that thing ain’t small. It runs in the blood you know”

“Don’t mind her and she’s the one always begging for it” Asher stuck his tongue out to her and she frowned. Crazy people.

“What thing?” I asked pretending not to know.


“Whatever I’m starving”

“You’re always starving” Darrell rolled his eyes

“Like you didn’t get me pregnant”

“Sunshine are you okay?” Asher asked as Daniela held her tummy.

“What’s wrong with her?”

“I’m gonna puke…” she ran out of sitting room.

“OK, she’s pregnant”

“What?” he half yelled.

“You should be happy”

“Yeah, not with the way you behave, that’s double trouble. Anyways, I’m gonna check on her” he ran out of the sitting room.

“How do I behave?”😂

“Crazy. Really crazy”

“Darrell did you just say I’m crazy?”

“You asked a question and I answered you correctly”

“Like seriously I’m crazy”

“Oh no. Not again” he muttered.


“Are you OK?” I asked getting scared as she vomited again. With the way Claire is behaving I’m scared of her being pregnant. I seriously don’t wanna have the same headache Darrell is having right now.

She rinsed her mouth and brushed her teeth after vomiting.

“Are you pregnant?”

“I really don’t know. I’m on my period today” she rolled her eyes and I heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank God”

“Don’t you want me to get pregnant?”

“Of course yes but the troubles that comes with it is too much”

“You’re crazy. Anyways, I’m still gonna do a test tube test to be sure”

We walked into the room and she took a pregnancy test tube from the drawer.

“You seriously don’t wanna follow me into the bathroom?”

“Why not?”

“Whatever, come along”

I followed her into the bathroom and she peed in a bowl.

I closed my nose from the smell of her urine😂.

“I noticed that your urine has a very strong odor now”

“No one asked you to come” she dipped the absorbent tip of test tube into the urine and left it for a few seconds before closing the cap and placing it on the counter.

We waited for a few seconds and the test tube showed two lines.

“OMG! Asher I’m pregnant” she giggled and I fainted🤣.


I decided to talk a stroll. I was bored from seating in the hotel all day. Ikeja sure is beautiful, I should probably get a house here rather than stay in an hotel. I was getting weird stares from weird people but I ignored that.

Darrell can’t possibly find me here. OK I think I’m lost. I can’t seem to find my way back.

A black man approached me. “Excuse me, have we met before?”


“You look very familiar”

“I don’t know you” I walked out on him.

I hadn’t walked few metres when about ten guys surrounded me including the black man I met earlier.

“OK what is going back on here?”

“Guy chillax”😂

“How much be the money again?”

“Ten million dollars”

“Dollars? hey I don hammer”

“Oya make una catch am put am for bus. Nor allow SARS see am oo. I nor get money to give them”

“What are you guys saying? because I need to go back to my hotel”

“See this mumu oo. Guy clear am commot from ground”😂


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