NEW 9JA STORY : BURNING ROMANCE [EP 70] || written by Osamudiamen Joel


EP 70
       ⏱Two hours ago⏱


I decided to cleaning of the house. It’s been long I did that. Dad left no money and now, I probably have to look for a job or start up a new business.

I’m glad I have a little savings in my account, that should be enough and I will definately sell this house. Luckily, he didn’t use this house as collateral for the loans he borrowed.

I don’t want to be a bother to anyone so I have to get back on my feet on my own.

I cleaned dad’s room and was about leaving when I noticed a bottle by the side of his dressing table. I remembered dad telling us not ever touch that bottle.

I guess I can touch it now, since he’s no more. I tried to lift the bottle up but couldn’t. It’s like it was glued to the table

Stuffs like this always lead to an opening of sort in some movies I watched🙄. I twisted the bottle clockwise and an underground attic opened at the side of the room. How come I never noticed this?

I took a touch with me since it was very dark in there. I descended down the stairs and the attic closed immediately. Gosh, hope I don’t get stuck here and why does this place feel a bit cold?

I found a switch and turned on the light. My eyes wandered around and there she was in a morgue which was implanted into the ground and at the top was a glass door.

That way I could see her frozen body. She looked so calm and she’s was naked. I didn’t know when a drop of tears slip out of my eyes.



I was tending to some files in my office when my phone rang. I checked the call Id and it was an unsaved number.

I decided to pick it up and placed the phone on my ears.

“Hello” a thick voice sounded from the other line.

“Hey, who I’m I speaking with?”

“Are you Darrell Bingwen?”

“Yes, who are you?”

“I am Dele and I’m calling from Nigeria. I have someone you want”



Finally, so Daisy was right about him being in Nigeria.

“How do I know you are not lying? I need prove”


A loud grunt followed and I heard Greg yell. “Fuck you!”

“You’ve got your prove. How do we get our money?”

“I will be coming to Nigeria myself. Which part of Nigeria are you in?”

“Lagos. Ikeja to be precise. Just let me know when you’re going to be arriving the airport and I will send someone to give you directions so you don’t get lost”

I chuckled. “OK”

“And please don’t forget to bring our money. We nor dey use money joke” 🤣

“Of course”

“OK” he ended the call.

My phone rang again and it was Tasha. What could see possibly want?

I picked up the call.

📲”Hello Darrell” her voice sounded croaked like she has been crying.

📲”Tasha are you okay?”

“Darrell why didn’t you tell me my mother was alive?”

I sighed. “She didn’t want you to know. She was gonna tell you herself”

📲 “She told me that and Darrell, she’s sick”

“What? she’s sick. She never told me anything about it”

📲”She said she didn’t want to bother you. Darrell, she has leukaemia and she needs a bone marrow transplant and none of us are a match. I would have been a match but I’m pregnant. I was wondering if you could donate your own bone marrow?”

📲 “What? no way. I almost gave her one of my lungs the last time. Thank God I didn’t because I can’t live with one lung”😂

“Come on Darrell, please”

“We could look for donors”

📲 “She doesn’t have much time left. Darrell, please”

“What makes you think I will be a match?”

📲”I believe you will”

“Tasha, I don’t think I can…”

📲”Please, do it for me”

“OK. I’ll be there but I have to tell Daisy first”

📲”OK, please hurry” I ended the call and the next person I called was Daisy. She picked up at the first ring.

📲 “Hey, baby guess what?” she squealed on the phone. She sounded super excited.

📲 “What?”

📲 “I passed my test” I could hear her screaming.

📲 “Whoa, great. I know you would do it” I smiled softly.

📲 “Thanks Darrell, so why did you call?”

📲 “Can’t I call my fiancée without having a reason”

📲 “Darrell”

📲 “OK, fine. Tasha’s mom has leukaemia and she needs a bone marrow transplant”

📲 “Oh my God, that’s bad. Have they found a donor?”

📲 “Daisy she asked me to donate mine”

📲 “Huh? Darrell. I’m scared and I don’t wanna lose you”

📲 “You’re not gonna lose me Daisy. It’s just a surgery and I’m not sure if I will match”

📲 “Hmm, OK. Be safe and I’m coming over right now”

📲 “You don’t have to. You’re still in school remember”

📲 “Yeah but you come first in everything” I smiled

📲 “I love you Daisy”

📲 “I love you too”


The doctor came out of the theatre room and we all rushed to him. Darrell had to match and I’m so scared. I love him so much and I don’t wanna lose him.

Asher already left for Nigeria. Darrell insisted he went since he couldn’t go and he informed the guys that his brother will be coming instead. I’m happy Greg has been caught and I pray they both make it.

Lee also told us that he found Lora’s body. I feel so sad about her death. Darrell is yet to know about it though.

“Doctor how are they?”

He sighed. I don’t like that face.

“The surgery was successful” we heaved a sighed of relief.

“But…” I hate the but part.

“Mrs Senorita slipped into a coma and Mr. Bingwen is fine but he’s unconscious. He should be up in a few hours” Thank God.

“When is my mom gonna wake up?”

“It’s uncertain. It could be days, months, years, decades. Let’s just hope for the best and you should pray for her too”

“OK, thanks doc”

The doctor smiled and nodded. “The nurse will move them to their various wards, you can see them afterwards”

“OK doc”

“I just hope mom will be alright”

“She’s gonna be just fine”

“I hope so”

“Darrell you’re finally awake. You had me worried” I pouted sadly and he smiled.

“And I’m sorry” he cupped my cheeks.

“How long have I been out?”

“About twelve hours. I can’t believe you slept that long. I’ve called the doctor here about ten times now and he kept telling me you will wake up soon. You don’t know how worried I have been, I thought you were going to leave me” I rushed my words yelling a bit.

“I’m not going to leave you. I’m fine now”

I nodded. “Asher called a few minutes ago. Said he already arrived Lagos”



“How is Senorita?”

“Still in a coma. Tasha is feeling really depressed”

“Hmm, I know but right now. I’m hungry”

“See your mouth”😂

He pouted. “Daisy I need food”

I opened a food flask which contained his favorite. I didn’t cook this, Daniela did. I couldn’t leave the hospital. I stayed by his side all day.

“Hmm, smells nice”


He ate to his satisfaction and he made sure I ate too. After that, I had to tell him about Lora.

“Darrell. I need to tell you something”

“Hmm” he muttered in a sleepy tone.

“Darrell you slept for twelve hours. That’s more than enough sleep” I frowned.

“OK. What is it this time? It’s midnight already, can’t it wait till tomorrow?”

“No, Darrell. It’s really important”

“OK. what is it?”

“It’s about Lora” he suddenly looked serious.

“What about her?”

“Lee found her body in his father’s attic”

“Shane, that bastard”

“What are you gonna do about it?”

He sighed. “Give her befitting funeral. I wish she had listened to me, she probably wouldn’t have died”

“It’s not your fault Darrell”

“She died because of me. Sometimes, I try not to think about it but I still feel guilty for what happened to her”

“Don’t feel guilty. Your uncle is to blame and I’m glad he paid the price”

“I know that”

“Does she have any family?”

“Her mom died some months after she got missing. She got depressed”

“That’s sad”

“It is”


“They guy don show”

“Let’s go meet him. I can’t wait to get rich”

“I’ll stay here and watch this bastard”


We walked to the sitting room and lo and behead, he was busy checking out the small yet fancy apartment. He had about three guys behind him and I’m guessing those are his bodyguards.

Damn, this guy is handsome and he looked Asian. I swear if na girl, I for don toast am since🤣. This kind person go fit make guy turn gay😂

“Omo guy fine ooo”

“Na guy abi na girl self?”

“OK, I’m a guy and please where is Greg?”

We looked at him surprised. “You understand us?”

“Yes na. Where the guy dey?” I almost fainted. He speaks pidgin😂.


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