EP 35

We’d told our guests to come around 4:00 for dinner at 6:30 so, of course, Daryl and Jasmine came at 4:15 and Dan and Marie a few minutes later with Lucy’s parents last at almost 4:45. I wondered silently how they’d feel if we made our announcement before they arrived. Jonathan was suitably contrite when they arrived. “I am so sorry, Lucille. Your mother was moving like mud going uphill.”

“Now, Jonathan,” she replied. “You know that isn’t true. My dress had a stain on it and I had to change almost everything. I’m sorry we’re so late, Lucille…Matt.” I hugged her and told her it was no big deal. Then she continued with a wry smile on her face. “I was wondering…is there some special reason why we’re all here?”

I couldn’t resist. “There’s no fooling you, Marylou. There is. I heard from my advisor at UNC and with a few minor adjustments my Master’s thesis will be complete. It’s the final step for my degree in Criminology.” I looked at Lucy and could see that she was barely holding back the giggles.

Then Jasmine stepped forward to say, “I thought we were celebrating my appointment to the City Council.”

“Not to mention,” Daryl chimed in, “Jasmine and I are officially engaged.” Everyone agreed that was a great reason for celebrating so there were hugs and kisses and hearty handshakes all around as I stepped behind the bar to make a few drinks. Nobody said a word when Lucy and I opted for ginger ale.

“Aren’t you having a celebration drink, Lucille,” her mother asked.

“I can’t, Mother. I’m pregnant.” That announcement was met by stony silence for a few seconds while it sunk in then there was as much pandemonium as six people could make. Jonathan actually jumped for joy as Marylou, Marie, and Jasmine hugged Lucy, doing that jumping thing that women seem to enjoy so much. Finally, Ingrid appeared with trays of cold boiled shrimp and assorted canapés that featured several kinds of cheese, bacon, and caviar. I was sorely tempted to try them all, but instead I opted to kiss my bride.

Finally, Daryl walked up to hug me. “Nice going, bro; you are one lucky man.”

“And you’re not? You got yourself a fine woman in Jasmine. I wish you all the luck in the world.”

“I think I’ve had my share. I have you for my best friend. I have a dream job in a beautiful community and I have the love of an incredible woman. All I need are a couple of kids and a dog and I’ll be all set.”

“The dog I can help you with. The kids are your problem.” We shared a laugh at that as Lucy and Jasmine joined us. They must have been conspiring because they reached up to kiss us at the very same instant.

Just then my mother-in-law walked up to hug me for at least the fourth time. “I thank you every day for what you’re doing for our town, Matt. Now I have an even better reason. I’ve always wanted to be a grandmother with a couple of grandkids to spoil rotten.”

I knew she was kidding me so I played along. “I told Lucy that I wanted a dozen, at least.” Marylou laughed as Lucy elbowed me in the ribs. I grunted in mock pain, but leaned down to reassure Max that it was all in fun.

We had a great time and I did credit Daryl for coming up with the menu. My on-the-bone slice of prime rib was an inch thick yet so tender that I rarely had to use my knife to cut it. Whatever Lucy was paying Ingrid, it wasn’t anywhere near enough. She really was an outstanding cook. There was excitement in our conversation which was augmented by plenty of wine for Jonathan and three of the four wives. Lucy was pregnant and Daryl, Dan, and I were on call whenever we were not officially on duty. That’s the reality of small town police departments so only Coke or ginger ale for us.

Eventually, Jonathan asked about Monday’s Council meeting. “It went extremely well, Daddy,” my bride answered. “Asshole Carl Haynes was suspended as were the two police officers. Jeremy Haynes’ resignation was accepted. Jasmine was appointed to fill Carl’s term and she’ll be with us for at least a year until next Election Day. Matt gave us his budget requests for next year and he told us of his plans for the two city rec centers/police substations. I mentioned your generous offer of support. It turns out that there are two large parcels of land that would be ideal for the centers. All we’d need is thirty acres for each.”

“Thirty acres? What the hell are you planning to put up there?”

“In addition to the building we were thinking of several outside basketball courts and Mr. Ferguson suggested at least one field each for football, soccer, and baseball. You know we really need these facilities.”

Jonathan just shook his head then broke out laughing. “A word of warning, Matt; never underestimate my daughter, Lucille. Okay, have someone from the Planning Board get in touch with Morton Stafford and I’ll make it happen. Can I consider that my contribution to the project?”

“I think so, Daddy. Mr. Ferguson suggested prefab buildings that he thinks will cost us about $280,000 each so we should have enough to clear and grade the land. There are no wetlands or endangered species there unless the possum or the grey squirrel suddenly go on the list so I think we’ll be good to build once we get the permits.”

“Well, just don’t actually do anything until you have the money.”

“Daddy! I’m not a child, you know! I’ve been on the City Council for six years and, don’t forget that forty-five percent of that land is mine.”

“Here’s another warning, Matt,” Jonathan said while he was laughing. “Don’t ever let your daughter get an MBA. She’s been running me ragged for years.” Then he laughed some more and all of us joined him. I leaned to my left to kiss my wife’s cheek, but she turned her head, bringing her sweet lips to mine.

The party moved into the library once dinner was done. It was a cozy room and relatively small when compared to the rest of the house at only four hundred square feet with a large sectional in one corner and three upholstered armchairs around a long rectangular table with a granite top. Part of the sectional faced a large stone fireplace with partially-filled bookcases on the other three walls. Also here were photos of Lucy and her family. A large one from our wedding was prominently placed on the mantle. It was my third favorite room in the house after our bedroom (DUH!), and the kitchen. Our guests had taken the sectional so Lucy pulled me into one of the chairs before settling into my lap with Max sprawled on the floor at our feet. My in-laws and the two wives had drinks or wine while the rest of us continued our celebration with soft drinks.

There was spirited conversation about Lucy’s pregnancy, of course, but there was also a lot about the city and how it had changed over the years. Everyone agreed that my becoming Chief had had a positive impact on the community. I thanked everyone for their opinion, but commented that I thought that any experienced law enforcement officer could have done the same after Wilson’s lack of leadership.

“Maybe, Matt,” Jonathan replied, “but what’s really important is that you did what was needed and all of us in town know it. You’ve also initiated efforts to integrate the force which is only about seventy years overdue. I may own most of the town, but I haven’t been actively involved in its government for decades. I’ve found that for the most part it’s better that way.” I didn’t say anything, but I knew exactly what he meant.

The party broke up around ten and once Max had been put out I picked Lucy up, carrying her to bed. She laughed and Max woofed lowly as he capered all the way up the stairs. Skipping the shower, I placed Lucy gently onto the bed. We worked together to remove our clothes then fell together onto the cool sheet.

Neither of us needed much encouragement. I was totally hard and she was thoroughly wet. My thick organ slid slowly into her tight opening until she pulled me all the way into her womanly core. “Dear God, Matt; you’ve made such a difference in my life over the past few months. made me a wanton woman. All I want to do is make the most delicious—the most intense—love with you all day.”

“I’m glad, but I don’t think you’re wanton. If you were you’d want every cock in town and I know that’s not true.”

“No—my darling…my love—all I want is you and only you. I can’t believe I’m going to be a mother. It’s what I’ve wanted for years. I’m so happy.”

“I’m glad. Making you happy is my number one goal in life.” Then I looked down into Lucy’s eyes and I could see it was time to be quiet and make love. Silently, I drove into her forcefully enough to drive her crazy with lust. She began to squirm uncontrollably as she gradually lost control of her movements, her cunt rather than her brain running her body. I was mid-thrust when she came hard in what I hoped would only be her first time. Fortunately, my strength and weight held her in place until she was able to return my thrusts again. Twice more she came—the final just a whisper—as she whispered to me, “Please, Matt—you’re going to kill me if you don’t cum soon.”

That was all I needed to hear. I exploded as though someone had pulled my trigger, my cock erupting five times before my thrusts began to pump semen from her vault. I knew then that the bed would need changing before we drifted off to sleep. I leaned down to kiss Lucy and I realized that she had passed out so I pulled out and walked quickly to the bathroom, returning with a large bath sheet. I placed it onto the floor near Max’s bed then I carefully placed Lucy on top of it. Max tilted his head as if to ask what was going on, but he never moved as I covered my love then stripped the bed and remade it. After placing her carefully I joined her, chuckling as she snuggled up closely onto my body. I kissed her head gently then joined her in the soundest sleep.


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