NEW 9JA STORY : Her Wedding Night [Episode 01] || written by Charles Coker

Season 01 Episode 01

To every beautiful ladies out there who were legally married, trust me; their Wedding nights appeared to be the most unforgettable moments of their lives because of the pleasures and the sweetness that surrendered such day….

but it was not the same case with akpakama ibinabo because her wedding night was the beginning of several ordeals în her life… What exactly happened on her wedding night? Who is akpakama’s husband? What transpired before, during and after this night? Will Akpakama really get out of this messy situation?
Akpakama hailed from the eastern part of Nigeria, Imo State to be precise. The only surviving daughter of Mr and Mrs Ayanda Ibinabo. Mr Ayanda Ibinabo was a goldsmith while the wife deals în petty trade. No one will ever believe this duo could produce such a lovely daughter. She graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where she studied Law. During her School days, she seems to be the best among her peers simply because of her irresistible dedication to her academic activities, her humble nature is quite immeasurable. Above all, Akpakama’s beauty is no different from those ladies from the terrestial world…her fair complexion is enough to see pathways în darkness, her dark long hair could be improvised for a whip to flog stubborn minors. Her well blended curved butt and highly moderate boobs are no doubt her point of sensation. That sounds absurd right? Never mind; that same thought sprung up my mind the first day i set my eyes on Akpakama ibinabo. În point of fact, she had the combination of brains and beauty.
These qualities made her much more popular than the University’s Vice chancellor, she suddenly became the most sought after female student of all time; guys with various backgrounds and characters will never make her breath but Akpakama believes it was never time for such and even her intuition always tell her that these guys are mere sugar-coated beings who just wanted to have a taste of the sugar în the st.louis sugar cube – that sounds odd right? Don’t even know myself….. higher percentage of the school influential and hot babes always aspire to be friends with her. she was asked by the school authority on several occassions to represent the institution în the most beautiful campus Queen pageant all over the federation but Akpakama’a love for education and her life în particular wouldn’t make her do such. She so much believes în Simple lifestyle and humble personality. She’s not an advocate of body display for beauty show-off.
During the first semester of her final year în school; there was a debate competition organised by the institution among all the faculties. Akpakama hâd won this competition back to back before now for the law faculty. The competition will come up în less than three weeks to the resumption date because effective awareness has been made already with respect to the competition în the previous academic session before the long break. The competition was apparently the most popular subject matter în the school; departments and hostels were always reckoned with silly noises and uproars (mostly about akpakama) everyday all în the name of this event. Everyone is looking forward to his or her faculty winning because it is always a clash of the titans..if you know what that connotes; its the Survival of the fittest. This year’s competition will take a grand style as it will be featuring one of the sons of the la’creme de la’creme of the Nigeria’s banking industry – Luis agbakoba, the first child of Mr and Mrs. Tony Agbakoba, from the department of economics, faculty of social sciences. Mr Tony Agbakoba is the Chief executive officer of Natural prime bank plc while Mrs Agbakoba is a Chief lecturer în University of Abuja.
Luiz is one of the most famous dudes on campus majorly due to his parents influence. He is no doubt ladies man; his appearance and attitude is more or less like those of the western world. Luiz hâd to his credits several ladies who he hâd gone down with including the leader of the baddest female group on campus then.Don’t tell me you are finding it difficult to diffuse that!!!He hâd received several awards for the most expensive student on campus but despite all these; Luiz academic performances seem like a mystery to all the students because all his semesters results are either first class or second class upper; Many of the students concluded that probably its because of his parents affluence and power but Alexis, the rightman of Luiz on several instances always defend this odd perception people hâd towards Luiz. But trust me; no one cares to know.
Over these years; Luiz and Akpakama never hâd the cause to meet each other în person. Though, they have both heard so much about themselves. Luiz because of his personality believes someday he will get to meet her but Akpakama never thought of such as a result of so many messy news she hâd heard about Luiz. One week to the event; the list of participants for the event was eventually pasted and to everyone greatest surprise; Luiz is participating în this year’s competition representing faculty of social sciences; this news almost turned the school upside down. Its quite Unbelievable!!! What rubbish? How possible can that be? These people are heartless, for Godsake, why would Luiz represent us? This is sheer wickedness!!! These were all the comments from the students of the school most especially, the students from the faculty of social sciences. They almost protested but the tension was calmed down by the school authority.
Akpakama herself could not believed what her ears are hearing. Luiz!!!!!! She asked herself uncontrollably. She seems much more confident because în times past; her faculty and Luiz faculty always drag it out for the first and second position.
Obviously, things will fall into place; she said to herself several times hoping to repeat the feat again the third time. Will faculty of law win again??? This becomes the question of the moment în the school. Finally, the ever awaiting day drew near. The most spacious hall în the school premises was perfectly decorated for the debate competition; the aroma în the hall alone sends awesome signals to everyone present there. În truth; the hall was so much beautified like that Of the popular King caeser’s of france wedding, it was highly fascinating and glamorous. Lackadaisical students on campus won’t dare to leave the hall for anything simply because of the sumptuous atmosphere în the hall. The representatives from the various faculties were ably seated and well dressed (as if they al hâd wedding functions). Akpakama’s corporate gown was quite simple and lovely but Luiz Outfits say it all; will I termed him the latest Jim Iyke of UNN back then?? His perfume and body spray are no doubt expensive; d odour was such on an alarming rate…everyone needed to know so much about his attires; several questions from guys and ladies but Luiz is just a shy person attimes. Anyways, he slightly managed to answer some of those questions.
The panel of judges consist mainly of 6 persons who are renowned and well established professors of some universities across the country. They are gorgeously and stylishly dressed as well. One of the two women among them wore a long shinning italian gown made with beads, her hairdo was naturally made, her red purse was no doubt made with gold and the heels she wore are no different from that of Agbani Darego at the Miss World Beauty peagant 2001. The other woman can be likened to a Deaconness because her outfit was far away from her other person and not în confirmity with recent Outfits. Her gown was apparently aged, not different from those ones în the days of Margaret thatcher, her shoes seems vintage and bent. No wonder there hâd been several murmurings amidst the students; never knew it was all because of this woman. The other four men were perfectly on point. Their slim fitted and well ironed suits are no different from that of the popular pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Though, these men are little Older but they are fashion inclined and seasoned, believe me; they stormed the venue wonderfully. It is absolutely time for the business of the day; the hall was already în order and the master of the ceremony(MC) was up to the podium to officially make open the event. The MC was a lecturer from the University of Ibadan, faculty of Arts, department of creative arts. He introduced himself as Mr Olowolagba aka MC survival, he hâd anchored several events în times past and în point of fact, he is so good for it.
MC survival thrilled the whole audience with much comedy for few minutes and the hall was freaking Lively as students were sighted laughing, shouting and clapping all around. He then began the introduction of people from the high table; the first of which was the school’s Vice chancellor – Mrs. Eseosa Obi with other administrative officers of the school, highly ranked personalities în the society and other invited lecturers from different schools. He also introduced the panel of judges and did perfect introduction of the debaters. He then appreciates the presence of the students of the institution saying that without them; there will never be a day like this. The hall was dawned with a mighty round of applause for such wonderful words from the MC. The VC was invited for her opening speech and the students gave her a thunderous round of applause as well. majority of the students cherish her so much due to her passionate nature, she dressed awesomely as well. It is not new though because the students always call her P and P meaning Prim and Proper. All other agendas follow suit thereafter.
It is now time for the business proper. There was an absolute silence în the hall as everyone tighten their belts for this endless journey. As the MC recognised the presence of all the participants once again; the students shout for Akpakama was on a high side. This immediately send shivers down the spine of other debaters including Luiz. Will akpakama repeat her success story again?
Will Luiz disappoint the faculty of social sciences?
Is there anyone among the debaters that will put an end to akpakama’s feat?
What happens afterwards?
We wil see the answers to these questions în the next episode…..


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