NEW 9JA STORY : Her Wedding Night [Episode 02] || written by Charles Coker


Season 01 Episode 02

The competition eventually kicked off with the first speaker from the faculty of Education; Miss Sefiat Abubakar, she is a native of markin sowa în katsina, the capital of katsina state, the northern part of the country.

She is the best overall student în the faculty, sefiat studied adult education and she was în her finals as well, her delivery on the debate topic was so perfect; it purely indicates the level of her preparation. The audience responded with a laudable round of applause. The next debater was from the faculty of engineering, department of petrochemical engineering, a 300 level student named Majid Otedola. Majid is the first child of three from the family of Engr. Akinwale Otedola, he hailed from the western part of the country- egbado division, odeda local government, Ogun state. He won the award for the most sophisticated personality on campus; he is cool, calm and collected. He also thrilled the audience with his well analysed points and they also responded nicely.
After two other debaters representing the faculty of Arts and Business administration had spoken. The hall was în great murmurings afterwards because the competition became more interesting and competitive. Lest i forget; the topic was centred on the effects of civilisation în our modern society. The Last speaker from the faculty of Arts – Stephanie Ighalo did pretty much justice to the topic and as such, she received the highest commendation from the students amidst every other speakers. Infact, two members of the panel of judges never hesitate to clap. At this point; Akpakama’s heart beat so fast, her countenance became worrisome, it was as if she is în between the devil and the deep blue șea. Could Stephanie be her greatest contender? Could she eventually end her success story? She asked herself profusely. The competition is about coming to an end with only two faculties remaining, the faculty of law and social sciences. În the last episode, i made it vividly clear that these two faculties are always the most watch out for. But on that fateful day, the faculty of Arts seems to be on point.
Akpakama was called out for her speech and as expected, her excellence was superb. Students from her faculty were so excited as it was obvious that they will repeat the feat again. Her speech was totally extemporaneous as compared with the other contestants who held a short piece of writing for their speech. This alone thrilled the whole audience and some of the judges. She is never a disappointment said by the Dean of her faculty, Mr Ambrose Osagie. After silence evolved the hall, the last standing representative from the faculty of Social sciences named Luiz agbakoba was called out for his presentation. Trust me; the audience are no way interested to encourage him, those that clapped were not upto 10percent of the total people în the hall. Sadness suddenly dawned on the hearts of majority of the students from his faculty as nothing much better was expected from him. The judges were perplexed by the low response from the audience, although this act did not în anyway surprised Luiz because He expected this than anyone else and the hall was half filled with noises. His speech delivery was extemporaneous as well like that of akpakama, he used a very short parable story for his introduction centred on nigeria în the pre-colonial era and with this, he was able to restore the hall back to normalcy.
Surprisingly, it was as if his speech was through a divine revelation (just like the same way God spoke to Moses as regards the water from the rocks), that sounds Unbelievable right? Never mind. His accent and intonation were like that of a Professor from Cambridge University, his points were highly structured and critically analysed, he was the only debater who based most of his points on facts and figures, his postures and movements were very co-ordinated. He made several real life examples with the audience present, his conclusion was the best of all…he said and I quotes ‘i stand here today as an advocate based on knowledge, intellectuals and research that civilisation has done more harm than good’ , thank you. He then bowed and moved to his seat.
Immediately, the hall was filled with a standing ovation for Luiz including invited guests and panel of judges which continued until when Luiz eventually sat down. At this point, the students were still in the dark because they could not believed what their eyes beheld, they were hooting and ranting like those who lost their properties to the ikeja bomb blast that Occured în 2002. Bet me, professor wole soyinka would not have done a better justification to the topic than what Luiz did, one of the judges whispered this into the ears of the other judge, isn’t that exaggeration? Don’t mind that woman whom i described dressed arcade and aged the other time and its apparent that everyone seems amused. No one knew where Luiz courage and inspiration came from; but before now, he hâd on several occassions communicated with his mother via internet and phone calls with respect to this competition. The mother never hesistates to render any help whatsoever, just hope you know what it means to be the Chief lecturer of a University? Believe me, the woman hâd helped with relevant materials and journals which she got from the assignment given to the best students of her school and în addition to that, she added so many tips for a successful speech delivery. It is no argument that these lecturers can so use students, i can so much detest these people at times because i hâd a lecturer back then în school as well who can so intrude into students leisure time for his own purpose.
MC survival mounted the podium after collecting the mic from Luiz, he commended all the speakers from the first to the last for a job well done. He was able to Light up the hall with great laughter again after he tried to imitate the debaters with his demonstrations and awkward accent (like that of this veteran actress funke Akindele) for their performances. He thereafter urged all the students to face their academics squarely and desist from all sorts of youthful exubberances. After a very long talk, he announced the readiness of the judges to announce the results but before then, the VC was invited to the stage for her closing remarks. She emphasized basically on what all the speakers talked about and she laid so much emphasis on civilisation effects, she was applauded for such wonderful talk. the MC was able to calm the audience down so as to know the first, second and third position.
At this stage, great silence evolved the hall (likened to a minute silence for the dead) because they are all eager to know which faculty came first. It became difficult to ascertain the eventual winner. Before now, some thought it was going to be Stephanie, some later said Akpakama while majority eventually said Luiz.The whole audience were thrown to confusion of the greatest height because of this. The keen contestat themselves are so worried as if the rapture is near. Did akpakama won that battle?
Was Luiz freaking closer to be announced the winner? Can Stephanie do away with this duo?
Betterstill, was the first position won by a neutral person? Bet me, the unexpected graced the whole hall.

Find out what happened în the next episode.


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