NEW 9JA STORY : Her Wedding Night [Episode 03] || written by Charles Coker


Season 01 Episode 03

The Chief judge was eventually invited to the podium so as to announce the results. Hope you remember that în the last episode MC survival did a perfect introduction of all the judges?

Professor Usman Umăr, a native of sarkin powa from sokoto state, the northern part of Nigeria was made the Chief judge. His appointment as such was no surprise as he hâd over 6 years working experience în federal government establishment and 37years experience în the teaching profession, he hâd been the head of departments and dean of several faculties for various institutions over three decades, he was a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, zaria, where he studied history and internațional studies, he did his masters degree în the University of scotland where he majored in history and political science. He is highly disciplined and well cultured, he was the then Registrar of Ahmadu Bello University, zaria. He gently walked down to the podium with a little piece of paper after a series of interactions among the judges.
At this point, the silence în the hall was perfectly enough to cast out demons because all eyes were on him. The hearts of all the students even beat much more faster than those of the contestants like one who is expecting an HIV result în less than few minutes or a man awaiting the result of a league match that ensued between almighty Barcelona and Chelsea. Due to his nature, Mr Usman never hesitates to announce the results immediately; he started from the rare to the top. The sixth, fifth and fourth positions were the representatives from the faculty of business administration, Majid Otedola from the faculty of engineering and Sefiat Abubakar from the faculty of Education respectively. At this stage, Mr Usman took some chilling pills and aired his opinion on all the contestants for such a fiercely contested competition. And the third position goes to the faculty of Arts ablely represented by Miss. Stephanie Ighalo said by Mr Usman, the students from the other two remaining faculties yet to be mentioned were so happy seeing their representatives making it to the last two standing. The Chief judge hurriedly silent the uproars în the hall as he was about to announce the winner and skip the second position because with that, the second position automatically goes to the last contestant standing. Akpakama and Luiz were asked to come up the podium by Mr Usman and he urged both contestants to hug each other for such lovely display of intelligence and eloquency. The looks on Stephanie ighalo at this point cannot be apprehended, she seems to have these seductive looks towards Luiz before now. Hope she is not coming up with something strânge? I asked myself.
Luiz complied at a faster rate, if not for the fact that akpakama moved her body away from his after the hug, bet me; he would not wanted to Shift backwards thereafter. He glued his body pretty much to her body like a jointly bare twins that needed technical operation to be seperated, could Luiz probably forgot he was în an event? That question immediately evolved my mind that very minute but believe me; no one seems to care because everyone’s mind was far away. And the winner is the representative from the faculty of……………………mr Usman halted for a minute and this made the whole audience to murmur harder but he was able to gain back their attention by saying social sciences; Luiz agbakoba. It was no surprise as everyone present gave him a laudable standing ovation, the students from his faculty jubilated the most, it was just as if the government just declared a one to two marriage în nigeria like the cașe of eritrea. You should know what that means. Akpakama herself felt quite bad but tell me, what could she do? The judges hâd decided and announced the right winner. Therefore, she is left with no option than to clap and rejoice with Luiz as well even though it was obvious that her smiles are fake. The atmosphere of the hall was filled with merriments.
The MC mounted the stage again for the presentation of consolation prizes and certificates to the sixth to fourth contestants while the third to first position received award plagues, cash prizes and certificates. This was done by some of the invited guests present while the award for the first and second position was done by Mrs Eseosa Obi, the school VC. After the closing prayer by one of the guests present, there were so much to eat and drink for everyone present except the fact that the judges, the invited guests and the officers of the institution were treated nicely to a dinner banquet în a very small hall outside the school environment. The competition ended exactly by 6.20pm and all the students dispersed to their various halls of residence. Students who lived off campus will never dare to go home because of the gists and happenings that will still continue în the school premises afterwards . Trust me, students can like gists especially the female counterparts, they are well known with gossips. Akpakama was accompanied to her hostel by her friends and other students because she could no longer held on to her cry after the awards presentation. She never expected to lose în such manner to Luiz and as such, she cried the more and sobbed bitterly. On the other hand, Luiz became the superstar of all time on campus in addition to his present disposition în the college, the ladies were all over him the more. All ways lead to his hall of residence, the new intakes popularly called freshers wanted to know who he was. That day seems to be the best moment for him on campus; Many people asked for his contact number and so many other details which he gave out happily.
În less than few minutes, Stephanie hits Luiz’s hostel just to congratulate him and she appeared happier than the winner herself after she was hugged by Luiz. Isn’t this awkward? Wonders shall never end said by one of the freshers present at Luiz hostel. Despite all this, something dropped off Luiz mind all of a sudden, his mind became divided, he seems to be lost în thoughts already as his mind flashed back to that moment he held akpakama firmly. Lest i forget, Stephanie ighalo hâd one time greeted akpakama ibinabo while she was taking a stroll with her other friends during the last academic session, just two days to the day akpakama won the last edition of the debate competition. Due to wide range of people surrounding her, she was unable to respond to stephanie’s greetings and as such, her friends concluded that akpakama was a snub and made so much jest of Stephanie. It was just as if the ground should open and consume her, she could not bear the insults any longer but just have to help herself with a marathon race down to her hostel. Eversince that day, she never wanted to set her eyes on Akpakama because she so much hates her. That was the singular reason she performed wonderfully at the competition because she was determined to dethrone akpakama off her title.
Unfortunately, She felt bad that she came third but on the other hand, she was highly elated that Luiz defeated her so-called rival. It is just so funny how some people în life will just envy you for nothing sake, they will beef you like you guys hâd met before, they will defame your person like forever but the point is don’t behave like you care, keeping sailing and the most high shall get you safely to that joyous destination. That was exactly who Stephanie ighalo was to akpakama ibinabo. Its pretty unfortunate that i can’t just help.
Luiz seems to be bothered about that same scenario, he could not respond to questions from friends and acquaintance anymore. He appeared disturbed and thinking, he eventually asked the visitors to leave stylishly that he’s got an appointment to meet up with. Where could Luiz be going to at this time? What exactly can so bring him down on this special day of his? What is Stephanie really upto? What is akpakama’s present state? Get the answers to these questions în the next episode.


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